Movmiento Sin Teirra: Oppressed Peoples Herstory Final

Tiny - Posted on 29 May 2017

The landless people's movement is located in Brazil the idea of the project is to grow their own food instead of killing off their people and also to get the farmers back their land so they can have collective living and live in harmony.


The living condition in Brazil's landless people's movement are similar to standing rock’s but there's no snow there is dirt, and stove oven, tipis, and tents that are much like tiny houses so that they can live in they depending on the tent determines how many people will live there.


This can relate to Homefulness because just like the movement homefulness goal is to grow their own food so they won't have to eat GMO food and get killed off.


This also relates to self-determination by the government of MST has gender equality and a country determines its own statehood and forms its own allegiances and which all these things can relate to Marcus Garvey he was a black man who lived in Jamaica and came to America and started to make well for himself and wanted this all over the world.


Since it's creation in the early 1980's the MST has pressured the government to give land titles to approximately 150,000 families.


Today the movement supports the struggle of over 57,000 families who have occupied uncultivated land in 23 states.


In my opinion, the movement is interesting and much like hopefulness I think it's creative and innovating that they have enough brains to actually realize the government wants to give us extra body parts by feeding us GMO.


The landless people's movement in Brazil in my opinion is a good thing, they are very good farmers and deserve respect.



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