From East Oakland to North Yemen- A Youth Poverty Skolaz Investigation

Tiny - Posted on 26 July 2017

The war on Yemeni people is a horrifying and disgusting thing. But, what we have to remember is that even though the Saudi government are the ones shooting the missiles, this war was started by the United States. This war is fully backed and funded by the Trump Administration. The reason for the last couple of wars that have been going on in the Middle East is because of the oil content there. The United States Government will stop at nothing to get that oil. They have started wars to start our cars.

When our teams did this research we were trying to find out some of the ways that we youth in Oakland are connected to youth in Yemen.

First, this is what’s going on there: many of all casualties of the people of Yemen are children; 2.8 million people have lost their homes; and 1.8 million people – mostly children – are starving.

One of the main things we found is that the US backs this war. While Obama wanted to block the weapons trade in Saudi Arabia, Trump wants to unblock the trade. 110 billion dollars was given to the Saudis by Trump to kill people in Yemen.

The Saudi people may be the ones who are shooting the missiles but they are funded by America and the United Kingdom. The UK has donated up to 8.5 billion dollars in weapons to the Saudi people to make sure they are killing the Yemenis. 2 billion dollars are for aircraft bombers alone.

We also found out in our Research that the US and UK are acting above the law when they support the Saudi War in Yemen.

 “A child is not your child,” said Mr. Alsuhja of Alsuhja Market located in Deep East Oakland across the street from Homefulness/POOR Magazine. He told us this as he was explaining the concept of CPS to us and how it is different in Yemen. We went to his market to ask him about his experience and life in Yemen. We decided to interview him to get a first-person voice on Yemen and outlook on the life there.

In America, if you hit your child you will get them taken away because it is illegal. It’s the so-called law. But if you hit your kid in Yemen it is okay. Honestly, I think that it should be illegal anyway because kids can become scared of their parents and not think they are loved, but I also think that it should be legal because children need to be disciplined.
I lost my own 17-year-old brother from gun violence in the streets of Oakland. We hope the violence stops in Yemen

In closing, Yemen is an oppressed country right now. It’s wrong that they are being targeted for their resources, and we respect them because they are standing strong in the face of constant Bombing attacks.


We Youth Skolaz at Deecolonize Academy respect your resistance to the Empires.


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