The Pathetic and Dangerous "Struggle" of Bored, White, Middle Class Bullys

Tiny - Posted on 15 August 2017


Other than the terrifying 21st century hetero-patriarchal kkklan-colonial violence I couldnt tell what else bothered me about Charlottesville and Berkeley and all the other sites of this recent wave of amerikkklan hate.

Obviously the dangerous-ignorant white men perpetrators are violent and erratic and we lost a sister in the struggle (Ibaye Heather Heyer) and so many more in the last year since they got their boy in the white peoples house and got even more arrogant.  These new hyphy attacks are terrifying and triggering like all the attacks on indigenous people and people of color have been  for as long as indigenous peoples, 1st peoples and poor peoples have been struggling with repression, incarceration and exploitation from the kolonizers.

But still something was missing. And then I found out who the perpetrators really are. Other than appearing flagrantly melanin free and moving in fascist-like formation while uttering idiotic, meaningless chants, the demographic of who these people are was the key to the missing piece of this story

These are not the "white working class" that Bernie and the liberal democans supposedly  "forgot about" in the recent (s)election, in fact most of them are currently enrolled in formal institutions of learning in highly paid degree programs, they are driving late model vehicles and tweeting, face-craking and insta-scaming on $800.00 Iphones and/or currently being well-paid workers in the tech industry. These are not “ignorant” kkklan members. This is not your grandfathers nazi’s. These perpetrators are housed, fed and cared for. These are a new brand of millennial, privileged, bored and rage-filled 21st century dangerous 20-30 something white men.

And their "fight" has no basis in Anything, except their own confused angst.. These are the logical progressions of the separation nation. Of confused, violent, video-gaming testosterone filled, isolated teenagers, embued with all the un-bridled access that this stolen nation grants white people for no reason, but for the fact that they are white, with the added cocktail of extreme violence-promoting media and gaming. This elder-abusing, violent young man attacked his disabled mother over and over again when she tried to stop him from video-gaming 24 hours a day. These are adult -sized versions of the columbine shooters. And this is what amerikkklan has birthed.

But there is also a specific class analysis here. These people have no farms to tend to, no crisis of hunger or housing or health. They are middle-class and upper middle class people with nothing to do. They have no empathy and no spirit and no sense. And this is what they are spending their money, time, gas and effort on. 

Do you know how much it costs in gas to drive from Ohio to Charlottesville like 20 year old klan wanna be, video-gamer murderer James Fields did ? Do you know how much a late-model Dodge Charger costs? This is a privileged mans struggle for Nothing?  And we are sanctifying it.

Just like Trump, there is something so comical and pathetic about these men ( and the women who enable them) that like we all know they are actually frighteningly laughable. When we see them in their weird, campy marches with their weird , strange shields and weaponry, its actually hard not to laugh. And i know we need to respond somehow, but like any privileged people who like my mama used to say, have never missed a meal, im just not sure about giving them, their "movements" and their actions all this collective credibility.

As a formerly unhoused, incarcerated, white appearing, mixed race poverty skola ( daughter of a woman of color and a white man colonizer) who has struggled with homelessness, poverty and criminalization of my mama, myself and my community for years, i teach, speak, walk, fight and manifest liberation, struggle and resistance to race and class supremacy everyday. Most of which means showing up, advocating, standing with, standing along-side and/or creatively visioning different worlds not laden by the rules and guidelines of the amerikkklan separation nation, cult of independence and the criminalization of all of us indigenous and poor people.

It seems like a privileged position to even be in this fight. To lose good-hearted sisters like Heather Hyer to the idiot whims of these fools when they could be fighting and achieving real change so that less of us are being deported across these false borders, less of us are living outside, less of us are incarcerated for poverty and racist crimes.

Yes I overstand that one important perspective is that folks need to show up, especially white people, to counter these perpetrators, but be strategic and don't lose another brother or sister in the process.

And in the mean-time, stop waiting for the pathetic video-gamers to make a move. Don't  wait for protests, marches, events countering privileged, bored, violent white men- speak to EVERY FUKING BODY!!!! every day, in stores, in the DMV, in banks, at events- wherever & whenever u have the energy- teach, preach, speak, & say: Fuk Your Fascism, White Supreamcy and revisionist his-story.


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