Who Will Be in Our Public Schools After Labor Day Waiting For Our Youth? Cops With More Power & Grant $$.

PNNscholar1 - Posted on 02 September 2017

leroy Moore
Both Democrats & Republicans have it wrong when they argue public safty and schools. Check It Out!
Cops in Schools (CIS). The CIS program, initiated in 1999, provides federal funds to law enforcement agencies for the hiring of community police officers for schools. In1999 under a Democrat administration, Bill Clinton, COPS launched the COPS in Schools ) CIS grants program. Total budget of COPS Office was 1.46 billion. Under Bush 2 he eliminated the program and just gave more $ to cops etc.. Under Obama, he suggested in 2013 that the government should provide more grant money to hire police in schools, CIS and gave $45million.
It’S NOT A FLIP FLOP, as we know both parties are wrong and between the lines both parties have done the same thing, i.e. give more power & $ to cops. Now under Trump COPS & CIS are still operating and from its website it say,
"recently partnered with the U.S. Department of Education on the development of Safe School-based Enforcement through Collaboration, Understanding, and Respect (SECURe) rubrics. They will assist in properly implementing school resource officers (SROs) so that SRO programs can positively impact the lives of our nation's students. These rubrics offer guidance to communities and law enforcement agencies to help those interested in implementing the most effective SRO programs."
Today the COPS budget iis 212 Million.  Democrats or Republicans, its the same story aka more money and power to police in our schools. Welcome back to school!
Pic: Francisco Martinez was allegedly attacked by 23-year-old school resource Officer Marchell Mitchell along with being attacked in the hallway on May 19th/2014


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