Kindred's Dirty Little Secrets

Tiny - Posted on 27 September 2017

All of Kindrerd's Nursing Homes (there are 8 in the City they all will be sold for the land..Including their Rehabilitation Centers. Non only Kindrerd, but other groups. The Federal Government (Medicare) only pays for the first 100 days, The State of California still pays on the 1970 level. The haven't increased payments since the 1970's. Let me bring you back to the 1970's. Muni was 25 cents and Minimum Wage was $2.75. The average PG&E cost for a house (a family of 3) was $35.00. This is a 5 room 2 bedroom house.One dozen eggs cost less than $1.00. An average tv was $45.00 and a family car was $2,000. Now, lets go to modern days.  At today's prices  a bus ride is $2.75. The average PG&E cost for a house (a family of 3) is  $250.00 per 5 bedroom house. A dozen Extra Large Eggs is $2.00. The average tv cost $1,000.00, and a family car is now $40,000.00.

   Now to solve the problems that we are in  combine these three solutions: Single Payer; and increase the bed costs per bed to $1,000.00. That will take care of the hospitals so they won't go belly-up. The third solution will take the Federal Government.We have to give our Senators and Congressmen a backbone because the Congressmen should raise the hospital stay in a nursing home from 100 days to 365 days. This will give enough time for the rest of the patients to find Home Care.The remaining 1/3rd of the patients will need a nursing home.
The moving around of the patients will cost at least $35,000,000.00. That will be taken from the Senior and Disability Budget. It will be taken from Paratransit and  the Meals Program and the Meals on Wheels that is connected to the adult daycare centers. 
Whoever reads this Article send a copy to your State Senator; State Assemblyman and  anyone else you think that might be interested in this topic.
Bad News Bruce signing out


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