Teach The Truth

Tiny - Posted on 02 October 2017

Nolan Hack

Children in America have been taught lies in school ever since this nation was created off of the double genocide of Indigenous and Black people. Not only does the curriculum whitewash how this country was formed it lies to our kids leaving out the fact that that very double genocide exists today.

White children are taught that this nation was magically created by white founding fathers after the land of North America (or what it should still be called Turtle Island) was “discovered” by Christopher Columbus. The undeniable fact is Columbus and the founding fathers killed and enslaved millions of people which led to what we now call the United States of America. Being indoctrinated with these fallacies of history gives white children a sense of superiority, while those same lies make children of color doubt their self-worth and leaving the door open to think they really are “inferior”.

A national project is underway to stop these cycle of lies. The #TeachTheTruth project will attack the institutional racism within schools. We will be protesting at schools across the country (we already have 40 schools at this point) at schools named after racist people, those that have racist mascots or nicknames. On this day of action truth protectors will be stationed outside of schools as the final bell rings holding signs stating true facts about what those mascots or nicknames really mean as well stating undeniable truths of what each racist person really did and was truly about. The national day of action will be the week before Thanksgiving/National Day of Mourning because that’s when one of the biggest American lies are told to our children.

Groups who are a part of the #TeachTheTruth Project: the American Indian Movement (Virginia/Maryland sect), multiple chapters of Black Lives Matter, the United American Indians of New England, the Wisconsin Indian Education Association, EONMassoc (creator of the #NotYourMascot hashtag) among others.

Beginning on the day of action people will be calling, emailing, tweeting etc at the main publishers that provide textbooks to US schools that we have marked down as racist. This will be continue to be done day after day so we can get things right and #TeachTheKidsTheTruth. After the day of action we will also be in communication with each school we protested at and its district to keep the pressure on them so we can create the most change possible.

The more support this project has the farther we can take this. With 45 in office this is a perfect time to take advantage of white supremacy’s sloppiness. We don’t just want the Confederate monuments down we want the Americans ones down, too. Andrew Jackson has a statue next to the White House even though he killed at least double the people that Hitler did in the Holocaust. The FBI Building is named after a man (J. Edgar Hoover) who helped killed Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King and Malcolm X. The capital of this country is named after a man who had over 300 slaves and killed women and children. Washington, Jackson and Hoover and so many others are labeled as heroes because of the tripe that is taught to us as a young age. Racism isn’t born it’s taught. That’s what this project is about. That is what #TeachTheTruth is about. We’re trying to make this a major step to end racism in the United States. We hope you’ll take that step with us.

For more details, to have any questions answered and to join the #TeachTheTruth project by emailing: nolanawhack@gmail.com. No more lies. If our children really are our future we need to act like it.


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