Krip-Hop Nation Is Loving The Concept of Joshua Leonard’s Animate Cartoon Sires, Team Supreme

PNNscholar1 - Posted on 15 November 2017

Leroy Moore


I’m the Black Kripple founder of Krip-Ho Nation.  Like our bi-line says, Krip-Hop is more than music, Krip-Hop Nation has been on a roll with interviewing creators of comics books and animated films and sires who are Black. From Kounterclockwise’s THE GREAT ADVENTURES OF KOUNTERCLOCKWISE aka Deacon Burns & Kaya Rogue Cleveland’s first hip hop sci-fi animated series to D.M.C.’S first comic book, D.M.C. (with my nephew Tiburcio Garcia) and Rosalind Alexander-Kasparik's upcoming comic book Recall and Given, Krip-Hop have been on it.  Well Krip-Hop is back with this interview with Joshua Leonard about Team Supreme, an upcoming animate cartoon sires with all disabled youth characters.


Krip-Hop Nation, KHN: Before we get into  the cartoon, Team Supreme, I want to talk about your background being homeless because hurrican Katrina to actor to CEO.


Joshua Leonard: I was born in Miami, FL in 1983 to a military family.  I moved quite a bit as a child.  I lived in Alaska, Miami, Maryland, and Biloxi, MS.  I’ve always been able to draw, but as a child and teen, I was mainly focused on sports, mainly football, where I was recruited pretty well.  Injury set in my senior year so I turned to the arts.  I did music for a while and toured a few cities, where I was featured in VIBE Magazine in 2007.  After the music, I began to act.  I have been in 6 movies, and 2 shows.  Before all of this, I was homeless from hurricane Katrina in 2005.  That small setback just motivated me to work harder.



KHN:  Being a Black non-disabled how did you get an ideal of Team Supreme, a cartoon with characters with disabilities especially have a Black autistic   youth as a lead character?


Joshua Leonard: I knew I wanted to do something different.  Something that has never been done.  I had the idea for TS for years because I have friends who have children with a special need.  A few of my friends have a child with autism, so I was able to study and learn from them.



KHN:  Can you give us a storyline of on episodie? 


Joshua Leonard:  My episodes will be pretty self explanatory, such as an episode about Bravery, Bullies, etc…



KHN:  Who is writing the scripts do you hire writers with disabilities?


Joshua Leonard:  I’m writing scripts with the help from my daughter for now, but eventually, when I can afford to pay other writers, I can bring in more people, yes.  



KHN:  Lately more and more comics are coming to the big screen with disabled characters like Daredevil, full-length documentary category, Life, Animated, upcoming Power Ranger movie and   What makes Team Supreme different and what is the future of this project?


Joshua Leonard:  Team Supreme is different from these other films because all of my characters have a special need, and super powers.  It will also teach people about these special needs so they can understand them better.



KHN:  Tell us about your studio/company, Leonard Studios.


Joshua Leonard:  Well, I’m currently an animation student at the Art Institute of Atlanta, where I’ll graduate in March 2018.  I always wanted to have my own studio so I could tell my own stories, etc… I believe representation in cartoons is vital.  I also started my own studio because it’s not the easiest to get into these big studios if you’re an African American.  Just check the numbers.  Why?  I’m not sure, but I’ve seen plenty of talented brothers and sisters who would be useful, but just looking at group pictures of these big studios, there’s usually only 1-2 african American people and it’s unacceptable.  



KHN: What is your favorite animated film?

Joshua Leonard:  My favorite animated film would have to be Toy Story


KHN: So I read that you will be starting a Kickstarter campaign for Team Supreme tell us what are you raising for and how can people help?


Joshua Leonard:  Yes, I’ll actually be doing an Indiegogo campaign to raise $25K to make either a short film, or an episode.  The funds will be used for voice actors, music, orchestra, writers, promotion and animators.


KHN:  Do you see this project going into schools and if so how?


Joshua Leonard:  I can see this project being in schools, yes.  My cartoon will be a learning tool, and also an overall dope cartoon that kids will love.



KHN:  Beyond Team Supreme will you continue to create artistic products with a disability them? 


Joshua Leonard:  Absolutely.  I feel like it is needed.  My goal is to have a DC or Marvel type universe with all of the disabilities.



KHN:  Being Black, how do you think Team Supreme will do in the Black community and have Black people, funders, artists support your ideal so far?


Joshua Leonard:  TS will be amazing in the black community because many autistic kids are black.  I have a few celebs behind the project, such as R&B singer Ginuwine.



KHN:  How can people support this project and reach you? 



Joshua Leonard:  People can support this project by emailing me at:


Or on twitter @joshua__leonard


Instagram @joshua__leonard & @leonardstudios






















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