Black Panther From A Black Disability Viewpoint Comparing Two Characters: (One Black woman and the other White Man) Queen Ramonda & Ulysses Klaw.

PNNscholar1 - Posted on 23 February 2018

Leroy Moore
Now I can reflect on the movie Black Panther from a Black disability perssepective, it is interesting the contrast between the White disabled character, Ulysses Klaw, to the Black disabled character, Queen Ramonda.
"Queen Ramonda is the Queen Mother of Wakanda, wife of T'Chaka, and mother of T'Challa and Shuri. “Her story the film's source material is one haunted by kidnapping, sexual abuse, and physical disability. After T'Challa's birth mother died in childbirth, T'Chaka married Ramonda, with whom he ruled until she was abducted by Anton Pretorius, a racist South African magistrate who sent altered photos to the Wakandan king to make it appear as though his queen had run off with another man. Eventually, T'Challa rescued her from Pretorius' clutches, but later arcs would see her gravely wounded when a terrorist attack in the Golden City left her with broken legs and fractured vertebrae and caused her to slip into a coma—though she would eventually recover. Suffice it to say, she'd never had it easy.”
But to me her disability and I think her character with her disability is not fully delevop in the film compare to the White disabled bad guy with one arm, name Ulysses Klaw, who we know a lot more of his disability and why.
Ulysses Klaw is a villain from Marvel Comics. The character was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. Klaw is an international terrorist, criminal, gangster, smuggler, arms dealer and black market man and an extremely major enemy for the Black Panther, for which he is depicted as the Panther's arch-nemesis following the reason that Klaw is a threat on Wakanda and for T'Challa after Klaw killed T'Challa's father ,T’Chaka In the comics, Klaw's powers are more than just his prosthetic arm cannon.
In Black Panther you see Klaw’s disability and how he works with it compare to the Queen Ramnda where we don’t see her disability and it is not brought up it seems like. Am I right or wrong? It does feel good that for once a Black disabled character is not the bad person!
On another point, hold it, with all the healing going on in the country of Wakanda of the Black Panther does that mean that there is no disability in Wakanda, wiping out disability????
Pic: Qeen Ramonda in her blue African tradition wear


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