The "Don-Dons"

Tiny - Posted on 01 April 2018

Queenandi XSheba

“Who cares about who you are screwing, its the other things that you are doing!

We the oppressed do not care about the prez and his son’s sleazy affairs!”


The President and his son, Don Jr. has been getting heat lately for their alleged affairs outside of wedlock. Donald Trump, Sr. and his “affair” (with booty star) Stormy Daniels and his son’s alleged “affair” with Aubrey O’day got the media buzzing and the tweeters tweakers tweeting.

If Amerikkka crowned the Kardashians the “First Family” of reality TV then why should Amerikkka care about these “Don-Dons” running around chasing tail? “Morality” wasn’t a requirement to becoming president of the United States, and if it was Ole Don probably would not be the leader of the land of confusion.

There are many, many problems that the country has on its plate and no one should be blinded by who’s doing who and be more concerned with the nut that’s been screwing us all and doing this country into ruin?


With alleged fishy dealings with Russia, not being able to keep a stable cabinet, attempting to rally up billions of dollars for a border/oppressor wall, drilling into Mama Earth, irritating the Chinese with billions of dollars in goods blockage and the continuing agenda of oppressing US has me NOT thinking about what the “Don-Dons” are doing with their combined age of around 111 years old in man parts!

With no gun control, safe, proper education -especially when it comes down to accomodating people of color and ongoing assassination cuts to services for the poor again WHO CARES about who you are playing “old roads, rocky lanes” with in the bedroom? No one should except those involved and those flings that stand to gain a profit from the deeds.


Just plain nuts, Man!

With a special thanks going out to Bush and Don, one of the qualifications of being a leader should be that each candidate have a psychological exam, a morality, test, a non- morality test, a who is? Mother Nature test, a finance test (to see if you can budget $$) and about 15 other test because when you have a country in your hands that is a task to be taken seriously and elements to be respected.

The Prez also has kept the “tweetie birds” over people’s heads with his anti-immigration bias that he has, even against citizens whose grandmothers were born on this blood-stained soil. Such hypocrisy and again confusion from a man whose parents migrated to this country and (along with) two out of his three wives! It is like a beast who just crushed his genetic memory bank completely and vows to give hell to anyone who dare migrates here in search of  “The Selective Amerikkkan Dream”


That is why POOR magazine’s “DeColonizers Guide To A Humble Revolution” was born because we cannot allow for unstable, racist horny men to run and ruin our daily livelihoods. Self-determination and Inter-dependence is of the essence if the people are to survive mentally, spiritually and physically because the imperfect people that are in imperfect power are upping the ante on killing, oppressing, colonizing and incarcerating the people like never before, because this way of running the lands (world) has always been part of so-called “Massa’s plan”


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