Tiny - Posted on 13 April 2018

Queennandi PNN

Unarmed 22 year old father of two Stephon Clark was shot and killed on March 18th by Sacramento police for allegedly breaking car windows and fleeing the scene. Police were looking for a vandalism suspect that led to felony murder when Stephon was accused of being armed before the cops fired about 20 rounds into Mr. Clark- enough shots to overkill.

The reason for his murder was that the cops felt “Threatened” by the supposedly armed man but with the cliche reasons aside the black man has always been a threat no matter which path of life he walks. The jive story the police were trying to sell the Clark family wasn’t buying so the family did the right thing by hiring Dr. Bennet Omalu to conduct an independent autopsy and the findings were that Stephon Clark was shot 8 times, many bullets striking him in the back. With no medical attention for several minutes he was left to bleed out, left to die.


The first thing unlawful enforcement puts out into the world about the hunted person of color is how “bad” a individual was. The  “Innocent until proven guilty” theory has been crushed like roadkill and the “fearful, fleeing” so-called armed suspect is dead before due process. Why is it and how is it in Amerikkka a white murderer of 17 people did not so much as get tased but again, someone of color whom in some cases did not even harm a fly always fall under a hail of hateful bullets? The deceased victim’s name is criminalized record or not and the one with the badge is not held accountable for portraying the judge, jury and executioner.


Stephon’s brother, Stevante Clark made his voice of resistance loud and clear as he boldfully overran the Sacramento city council’s meeting along with many other protesters and began to call on his brother’s name as he took a well-positioned seat on top of the dais. The room began to also call on Stephon as Stevante spoke his peace on the police chief’s accountability of his brother’s death. The fed- up voices then took to the streets in a series of shutdowns and protests in a stand against black lives being stolen with impunity and there are more to come from all over.


The voice of one Sacramento nurse did cause her to lose her job after making the comment that Stephon Clark “deserved to be shot for being stupid” She was reportedly to have been well compensated via a gofundme account and raised over the amount expected (25,000) but what else is new that people in today’s society are paid big bucks to spew hate? Freedom of speech is one thing granted, however when we live in a country where people of color, majority of them unarmed are being murdered on a regular basis for this nurse to make that comment displays the truth about the sickening genocidal agenda colonizers have against the darker people of the world.


Editor’s note: Po’lice calls have the potential to be harmful or fatal.

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