Stolen Land/Hoarded Resources Tour Comes Back To Yelamu (SF)

Tiny - Posted on 18 April 2018

Poor People Launch a Reparations Tour thru "Rich" Peoples Neighborhoods

The Stolen Land/Hoarded Resources Tour Returns to extreme wealth Hoarding neighborhoods in San Francisco to share the medicine of Radical Redistribution, Community Reparations/Tech Reparations & an actual Sharing Economy to solve extreme rise in homelessness and poverty 

Where:The Corner of Presidio & California streets

The Next Stolen Land/Hoarded Resources Tour launching on the eve of Mama Earth day will circle back to our 1st tour stop - the stolen Ohlone/Lisjen village of Yelamu-aka San Francisco.

San Francisco is home to some of the most extreme wealth and land hoarders and also the most anti-poor people laws that criminalize the bodies of unhoused poor, black, brown, disabled and indigenous peoples who reside houselessly on the streets

This tour, like the last one, will be marched in honor of Iris Canada, Ron Likkers, Elaine Turner and so many more elders who suffered the elder abuse of eviciton and displacement, leading to their death and Luis Demetrio Gongora Pat, an unhoused, Mayan father, brother, who has still not received justice 2 years after his murder in the streets of SF- and as well, Alex Nieto, Amilcar Perez Lopez and so many more poor, black, brown and indigenous peoples murdered by the state sanctioned gangsters who protect stolen property more over people everywhere on Turtle Island

Please let us know if you would like to co-lead or join us poverty, indigenous skolaz as we share the medicine of redistribution and community reparations with extreme wealth hoarders of this part of occupied Turtle Island

This tour will be lifting up the #TechReparationsFund - launched in the SillyCon Valley tour to offer a way for conscious tech industry representatives to repair the damage of the extreme displacement caused by the influx of tech employees into to poor and working class SF neighborhoods by raising equity for poor and unhoused residents to launch Homefulness projects or other poor and indigenous people-led land liberation movements and the Bank of Community Reparations Fund which is raising money to keep Bay Area residents in their homes and the Po Mamaz Reparations Fund for unhoused, and very low-income poor single parents in the Bay Area

More About the Tours:
The Stolen Land/Hoarded Resources tour, where poor people tour rich neighborhoods across the US and knock on doors humbly asking that wealth hoarders redistribute their money and assets, comes back to the extreme wealth- hoarders of San Francisco- (Tour Map to follow soon)-

This powerful nation-wide tour was launched in 2016 in the stolen village of Yelamu (San Francisco's Nob Hill and PAcific Heights neighborhoods) and has so far "toured" wealth-hoarder enclaves such as SillyCon Valley, Beverly Hills, The Hamptons, Park Avenue and the Main Line of Philadelphia to name a few.

This tour through stolen indigenous land and the neighborhoods of the very rich, is led by 1st Nations Ohlone Warrior Corrina Gould, Poverty Skola" Lisa "Tiny" Gray-Garcia, fellow Race, Disability, Indigenous Skolaz from POOR Magazine/Prensa POBRE, and Leroy Moore from Krip Hop Nation. Co-sponsors iso far nclude The Self-Help Hunger Program and Resource Generation

The tour is loosely based on the Bhoodan Movement of India launched by Vinoba Bhave who walked through India asking wealthy "land-owners" to gift their land to landless peoples. With a similar vision, this small group of landless and indigenous peoples being hit the hardest by displacement and gentrification will be Intentionally crossing the invisible and visible lines between the land and resource hoarders aka the very rich and the victims of generations of white supremacy, theft, colonization, criminalization, racism, eugenics and silencing, aka the very poor.

"We homeless, working-class, disabled and 1st Nations people are peacefully crossing the visible and invisible lines that separate us poor folks from the "very rich" to ask them to begin the healing, change-making, process of decolonizing, redistributing and reparating their stolen and/or hoarded, inherited wealth and/or land " Concluded Lisa Tiny Gray-Garcia, formerly houseless co-founder of POOR Magazine and author of Growing Up Homeless in America and the upcoming PeoplesTextBook- Poverty Scholarship - Poor People Theory, Art, Words and Tears Across Mama Earth

As we humbly and peacefully walk into "wealthy" neighborhoods across the "U.S.", we will be offering land and stolen resource hoarders a chance to begin the very serious work of Decolonization by redistributing one or more of their hoarded and bordered stolen indigenous territory, buildings, homes, stocks, bonds, cash or trust funds to landless and indigenous people in the form of what we call Community Reparations. Alternatively, if people are unwilling or unable to redistribute their stolen or hoarded wealth, we will be asking land-stealers and/or wealth-hoarders to begin an active dialogue on the concept of Community Reparations, Decolonization and Redistribution with us, the most impacted, the landless peoples, the very poor and colonized.

Two models that Homeless and 1st Nations folks are presenting is the poor people-led self-determined movement called Homefulness in Deep East Oakland (Huchuin Ohlone Land) as well as launch Homefulness movements in every city where unhoused and 1st Nations people dwell as well as the Sogorea Te Land Trust which is a Native Woman run land trust based in the land of the 1st peoples who lead it.

In addition to these two models as we tour through other cities across Turtle Island for other cities across the US we will be asking for descendants of settler colonizers to redistribute their excess or hoarded wealth or stolen land to 1st Nations people of the City they "own" land in or to support the launching of Homefulness models in that city or town for unhoused people. We will be asking people with more than one house, condo or space or more money than they need to live on are to ask for redistribute these resources to the very poor and unhoused peoples in the Bay Area

"To be clear this is not a protest, this is about sharing the medicine of redistribution and community reparations because we are all in a crisis of scarcity, land stealing and wealth-hoarding and need to understand there is a different way to live and walk interdependently," said Lisa "Tiny" Gray-Garcia


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