Profiling Policies just for a Cup of Coffee

Tiny - Posted on 06 May 2018

The arrests of 2 Black men at a Philly Starbucks last week has advocates and supportersalike taking to the coffee magnet to express unrest in the latest of racial profiling in the good O’l US of snAkkkes. The pair were arrested after the manager ( the frightened Ofay) called po’lice on the two, saying that they were trespassing for using the restroom without placing an order. As earlier reported the two men were there to meet with another man who haven’t arrived yet when the biased incident took place, to discuss business when the manager of the coffee chain called 911 on the men and had them arrested. The manager told the men to leave “3 times” and they refused. Those who had an opinion argued that maybe the two Black men’s attitude wasn’t correct but that theory was struck down when witnesses said that the pair had no hostility at all. The “attitude” of the oppressed man and woman of color here in this country has always been used as a tool to “kill if felt threatened” by the wicked rulers of this land. Can anyone be able to dictate to a person how to react or feel that is being treated with such contempt? I don’t think so!


Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson issued a pacifier of apology to the two and have planned to meet with the men to apologize face to faces. Mr. Johnson also said that Starbucks’ staff would have to participate in unconscious bias training, which sounds to me like you can literally kill a person of color and get away with it. (without being woke)


Subconscious fear is more dangerous than unconscious bias because it has cost black people and other people of color their lives for centuries and I have never heard of a klan rally where everybody was sleep (unconscious)

There is no fix to this problem but a start towards the “soulution” is for the slave so-called massa to denounce the superior lie he/she holds dear and the so-called slave to denounce the inferior lie that he/she holds, people of color discontinuing support to establishments in question and that we respect and take better care of Mother Nature.


This hatred for Black people in amerikkka didn’t just spring up into action when Prez Obama took office in 2009, one soon forgets that there were “white only” signs not only in coffee shops, but clothing stores, swimming pools and restaurants so where is the progress just because you

no longer see any signs?


For Philly to be known for its “Brotherly Love” and revolutionary heroes and sheroes like Octavius Valentine Catto and POOR Magazine’s own Mama Dee, Starbucks do not want to leave a permanent coffee stain in the Philly struggle so it will be wise for Mr. Johnson to do all of the damage control that he can but why be sorry if a person’s true feelings are ill towards people of color?


According to my WeSearch files,  a vast majority of people from different cultures are not reminded from a profiling perspective that a purchase at a business MUST be made before using its facilities. The “purchase before potty” propaganda came into fruition more in lower income neighborhoods where there were problems of drug use and the presence of houseless folks that merchants voiced was hurting businesses. So does gentrifuhkation and bike lanes.


After WeSearch I personally found that I am “required” to make a purchase of some kind more in high-end places as to some lower end places. If I’m wearing my hoodie in some cases, I didn’t even get a suggestion to use the alley.


I’m only the best accommodated when I sport the pregnancy prop that’s when there is hardly any discrimination at all. Overall, I try my best to wait until I go home for It is difficult for me to dine at some places with this kind of bathroom protocol because I am the patron who washes my hands before touching or consuming food. If I’m meeting other folks, I DO NOT place an order before everyone’s arrival other than water and breadsticks because it is polite and my personal preference is that we all feast together. This issue the two brothas had with the Starbucks employee was not about being polite, it’s about the constant racism and profiling we as Blacks face in Amerikkka every day since day one. It is about people who feel they are forced to “tolerate” our presence so that’s another layer of hate brewing. If a business owner do not care for people of color why fight to patron such a owner? I am PRO late, great Malcolm X when he expressed that he would not want to patron the man who hates him or eat any of the food that is prepared by this racist individual so why are we protesting to eat/drink in a racist’s establishment? If this was about morality or equality we would not be having this conversation.


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