Prejudice Promposal

Tiny - Posted on 06 May 2018


“If I was black I’d be picking cotton, but I’m white so I’m picking U 4 prom”


Read the poster board of 18 year old Noah Crowley who attends Riverview high school in Sarasota County in Florida who was asking a young lady to go to the prom with him. After receiving a lot of “no-no” votes, he quickly apologized to anyone he “might of offended” followed by his family issuing another statement of apology denouncing his “promposal” and also stating that he would not be allowed to attend his prom, graduation or other school activities.


Sarasota county school district began its investigation and is claiming to be working with other sources to find a disciplinary route that is within school policy.


I ask why is there something to “investigate” and “figure out” when it comes to white supremacy and the people who expresses it?  Why by all means must it be upheld in the name of this nation’s forefathers, for the history to be inked in school books and for prez Trump to use as a platform to making Amerikkka “great again”


White supremacy is obviously not a crime but a duty if you look at the early century propaganda like GW Griffin’s “A Birth of a Nation”, a time when the stolen Africans were branded beasts, wenches, brutes, hottentots and niggers like we are today, some of us just have bigger paychecks. The KKK were the heroes in the movie thus being the real life heroes that continues to defend White Pride. This is why ALL children must be taught their true histories/herstories of what their ancestors created or colonized, also know that we have the right to steward the land within our own nation for survival and the “master race” concept is derooted.


This media of hatred has become the history of this country and if it is in the textbooks that Africans are less than human and should be treated no more than property what is to be expected of the white kid who has been lied to about his own story? How has he/she learned empathy and compassion when his OWN history suggests that black people are nothing but niggers who should be either scrubbing white toilets, picking cotton or hanging from trees? The times may have changed but it is difficult to change the mind, heart and spirit of a people who have always considered themselves the “master race” and has obtained power over our world with this belief.


Some years back politricksters wanted to hold some insulting vote on whether or not there should be an apology issued for the slavery and the genocide of the African people and that slap in the face was the tip of the iceberg for one of the worst destruction of a Nation to never be taken seriously and for the the suffering and extermination of the Africans and other people of color to go unpunished and without reparations.


That is why kids like Noah Crowley see nothing wrong with the Black struggle and death for it to be so loosely mocked and we must take seriously our own stories AND destinies because we cannot demand the world to “identify” us if we know nothing of our “identities” and to educate those who think the Black Holocaust is and was a joke.




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