A Grieving Mother June 15 2018

Tiny - Posted on 24 June 2018

Grieving mother ... today faced with my own cross to bear. I'm realizing more and more that the hell that God speaks of may be the very personal experience that one relives here on Earth. I had the opportunity to Bear Witness a 18 year old young man transition out of here by train. His life was taken. I didn't see it personally but the tragedy has hit the news in the hoods neighbors family and friends of Miss Christa Holloway. Her son Victor is a great ancestor now ...

I haven't known Christa long maybe all of under 2 years I met her through Tanika blue who brought me to Fadeelah Granny's house  And the 1st Person To Greet me Warmly Was Christa Warm and Sweet so Genuine and then i was Re- introduced to the Gang Some Knew me Some Knew of Me. However who would have thought we would share this extended inherited family experience parallel. Young mother like me she is in her first trimester the first 3 months of coping with her son's death ... and another piece I am inspired to speak on the element (words) ... do we in fact need to utilize words and the reason why I skip to that is because this mother will find herself arms up needing to be armed up and prepared for all of the words that will hit her yet. Pierce her like bullets. She like me and so many other mothers will then be forced to make a decision on how connected or disconnected one should be when it comes to words...  and lately words can be so cliche often used for evil vs. Good. And so my heart goes out 2 anyone who personally feels like they don't have to die to experience what hell actually feels like.
I believe it's not subject only to fire I believe he'll is any form of torture... I miss my son Torian Dajour Hughes. I Swear i do and so this brings me to the Cross i mentioned i was to Bear... Every day i pick it up to put it down to wake up to pic it up in the morning remembering his name the fact that he existed and he belongs to me BUT the pain is far too much to bear on this cross Which is My Mind & This 98 pound body Is </p />
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