Interdependence Day Ceremony at the kkkoncentration Kamp

Tiny - Posted on 26 June 2018

Wed, 07/04/2018 - 12:00pm - 2:00pm

POOR Magazine / Homefulness Inter-Dependence Day Decolonization Ceremony at the kkkoncentration Kamp (Detention Center) in Ohlone/Lisjan territory the colonizers call "Richmond" -

Please join Deecolonize Academy POOR Magazine houseless & formerly houseless, indigenous, Black, Brown, Migrant Youth, adults, elders in their annual all Nations prayer ceremony to bring prayer, ceremony and healing to this stolen land, Tortured Mama Earth and all of us broken/Colonized and Resisting peoples.

Herstory of Inter-Dependence Day:
Since we houseless, criminalized, migrant and indigenous peoples launched Homefulness in 2011 we have been holding all nations prayer and healing ceremonies on Inter-Dependence Day (4th of U-Lie) but this year due to the deep sickness that has increased since the hatchet man for the aristroCRAZY took office in the Rich white peoples House-even more of our babies,elders and families have been incarcerated and tortured in these 21st century kkkoncentration camps - with more coming.

That said, all of us po mamaz and daddies, black , brown, migrant and indigenous peoples know this is just an extention of what has been going on for centuries and decades - getting increasingly worse and worse as Mama Earth is also more and more under attack.

Come out and join us all as we bring prayer, medicine, healing and knowledge to this stolen land and our stolen families on this kkkolonizer holiday.

To co-sponsor, speak , pray or bring words pls message us- as well we are working on rides for folks as well so please let us know if u want to come but dont have a ride


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