How to Not Call Kkkops EVER Workshop

Tiny - Posted on 11 July 2018

Sun, 07/15/2018 - 3:00pm - 6:00pm

Where: 1st Congregational Church- 2501 Harrison street Oakland

The 3rd "How to NOT Call the kkkops /Sheriffs & the kkkorts EVER workshop - featuring the poor, unhoused, disabled, Black, Brown,Indigenous,elder and youth leaders, artists, cultural workers of POOR Magazine/PrensaPOBRE,PoorNewsNetwork(PNN)/Homefulness who have practiced this concept for 21 years, even throughout their own collective traumas, colonization, gentriFUKation, family violence, eviction, incarceration, displacement, betrayal AND the attempted take-down of the landless peoples movement called Homefulness.

Walking this walk among a poor and indigenous peoples-led movement means facing our demons ALL THE TIME.. because we all come out of collective trauma experiences of racism, wite supremacy, ablism, family violence, false borders,eviction, houselessness, criminalization, elder/child abuse, sexual violence, rape, incarceration, poLICE violence genderism, hate crimes and so much more

This workshop wiill include and launch an ongoing teaching on poor peoples/traumatized peoples accountability, how to redefine a western wite supremacist notion of security and hold each other through trauma and into a true definition of inter-dependent safety.

The workshop will feature extended family members and family elders from the Idriss Stelley Foundation (ISF) , Krip Hop Nation World-Wide Sogorea Te Land Trust and POOR Magazine's family elder council, elephant council ( where decisions are made) and revolutionary building circle at Homefulness, food and much more.

An important reminder to please come scent-free.. No smoking near the venue (and again, please avoid having smoke/fragrance on your clothing!) Scented audience members will be directed to a scented section. Spread the news.

Please email to register in this herstory -making workshop-

PLEASE NOTE** we are asking a $3-5 donation at the door ( or whatever u can offer) to help support/cover costs of the poverty/disability skolaz who are leading this powerFULL seminar


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