Getting the Po-L-ICE Force out of Salesforce - Youth Poverty Skolaz Report on Salesforce Protest of CBP

Tiny - Posted on 18 July 2018


Detaining Immigrant Kids is now a billion-dollar Industry, everybody making money off this Industry. 
In San Francisco, we went to a protest at a building called SalesForce. The people who work for SalesForce found out the Customs, Border Protection (C.B.P) was working with their Company. The employee's found out about C.B.P and started marching in front of their Company. 
C.B.P was created to control the Influx of people and goods through the U.S, C.B.P is connected with ICE (Immigration & Customs Enforcement)
‘’You can’t have it both ways’’, said Marc Benioff, Benioff is a billionaire internet entrepreneur and the founder, Chairman, and CEO of SalesForce.   
I feel like C.B.P should stop because they are hurting immigrants children. I think C.B.P should think before they act because they are always acting but not thinking. I got to say this is mess up in this world to do immigrants like this.


On July the 9th 2018 we went to SF (San Francisco) where we participated in a demonstration in front of Salesforce.

We interviewed several protesters who also worked there, “What was this demonstration about and who is the organizer “, asked Tibu. 

The protester said, “This is about the caging of children by I.C.E (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) which is a branch of C.B.P (Customs and Border Protection)” which is doing business with Salesforce”
We also interviewed a woman named Stephanie she said “We don't wanna have this partnership it makes feel empty ”
Amir asked “How did this happen” 
She said  “Well we asked a few friends and it turned into this” 
Then there were a few speakers and lots of cops. We were downtown
This week I learned that they have black sites for immigrant children. A black site is a place that is unmarked and unmapped and anything can happen there. 
What I think is the caging of children is not a business model it is a crime.


Today I went to San Francisco to see the protest in front of Salesforce. the people there are protesting because they found out that the company Salesforce has a contract with Customs Border Protection (C.B.P). The C.B.P incarcerate immigrants and their children, no I do not believe this to be right and many people at the company did not believe in the agreement with the C.B.P to be right either. so they wrote up a petition about the contract and got about 700 signatures, but Salesforce then said no they were not going to change and this led to the protest.
Two days later, Benioff rejected the employees’ demands, claiming that the software they provided to CBP was only “for recruiting efforts and correspondence with U.S citizens and lawmakers…
Now I feel from many of the people who work at the company and feel like they can't do anything because if they did they could lose their job. but what I personally don't understand is if they all stood together the Salesforce would not be able to fire all of them. So if 700 people stood together outside of Salesforce they won't be able to fire 700 people. 
I'm impressed on how they got the word out. They used clubs and organizations that they were apart of and they told people about the injustice and got people to stand up against the corruption. I think that it is a beautiful, the story about a community coming together to protest an injustice. I will leave you with this quote from the protest ‘‘No justice no peace’’   


The activist community has recently come to learn from an insider in a cloud computing tech company known as Salesforce that the company, pretending to be conservative and friendly, signed a 20 Million dollar contract with the Customs and Border Patrol (C.B.P), a company that is “engaged in the inhumane separation of families at the border”, as it said in the flyer that was given to us by protesters. As a person who knows a child who was once put in a detention center, and is friends with her, this has a great impact on my life. 
The C.B.P is the government branch that is responsible for enforcing all of the laws at the border as supposed to I.C.E (Immigration and Customs Enforcement), enforcing immigration and all of the laws pertaining it within the U.S borders. Most of the staff of Salesforce does not agree with the contract with the C.P.B because they are realizing that the C.P.B are responsible for children being taken away from their families. So, they wrote a letter to the head of Salesforce, Marc Benioff, and asked him to stop his dealings with the people who are directly responsible for these crimes against humanity. 
“700 of the workers here signed a petition to stop the contract…..Salesforce told them no” those were the words of Blake, a Salesforce employee that was in support of the marchers and was ashamed to be working for a company that was involved with these dealings. We saw that there was a pretty moderate police presence but there were also people in the Salesforce building, who were looking slightly uncomfortable with the proceedings.
“We don’t want to work on this, we don’t want to have this partnership…,” said Stephanie, someone who is an acquaintance of a person who works in Salesforce and one of the organizers of the march. “It really makes us feel icky inside” she continued, smiling and looking back at the building. We stayed for a little while longer, listening to some community organizers speak, and then went back to the van and made our way back to Homefulness.
This was a powerful protest, and what really impacted me about this is that the people who work in Salesforce who were out protesting, have a lot to lose, their jobs, their reputation, but yet they still are out there marching and yelling because they believe who they are working for is in the wrong and they are trying to prevent further harm. 


Today on July 9th, 2018 we witnessed the Salesforce workers taking a stand against their superiors who had a contract with Customs and Border Protection (C.B.P) has a helping hand in deporting families away from each other leaving sons and daughters without parents. Salesforce is said to give to the community but how can you support the community but also support a corporation who destroys the community
There is a petition going on around the workers to make Salesforce cancel the contract with C.B.P. the goal is for 700 signatures.


What if I were to tell you that if you're an immigrant to the U.S(United States) you will be have subjugated to the detention of your self and your family. The process of going through the immigration system is a set up from the get up you have a better chance in getting back to your homeland, then trying to plead with the U.S government and get caught up within a system that takes ages before you have access to a hearing.
''So people are here to protest against the Sales Force contract with CBP( Customs and Border Patrol) said Blake, Blake is a worker of Sales Force and had a problem with being affiliated with a name that makes their profit of making money of the separation of immigrant families.
Last week I had attended the Sales Force workers protest in front of the Salesforce skyscraper against the new contract with CBP. There were cops everywhere, people were lined up outside chanting, you could see that the employees inside were shocked their fellow employees did not want to business with SalesForce.
Blake had also mentioned that 700 of the workers had signed a petition and sent a letter to the Sales Forces boss to cancel their contract with CBP and their relationship with CBP. The workers found out that the boss did not cancel the contract.
What I think about the ordeal is this, if I were a worker for a company that is affiliated with human trafficking I would quit right on the spot I couldn't cope with the fact that I'm making money off the pain and sorrow of other human beings who are trying to find a better life for their families.


I was Invited to participate and observe a demonstration in San Francisco, I was unsure what would await me as I made my way to the vast, expansive metropolitan city. Home to many a tech company and the hub to a recent wave of conglomerates and start-ups alike, the city has undergone significant changes in recent years, changes which threaten to challenge many of the values of the citizens.
 Knowing San Francisco's commitment to social justice causes, and rich history of empowering the disenfranchised, today’s case centered around the hot-button subject of family separation and the rampant anti-immigrant rhetoric propagated by the Trump Administration. With the continued proliferation of anti-immigrant sentiment across the country, and amidst calls for stricter border regulations, efforts to challenge pre-existing organizations such as Customs and Border Patrol (CBP), and notably its sister organization the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (I.C.E). 
     Protesting against their corporation's affiliation with the aforementioned organization CBP, workers at the high profile tech company Salesforce organized a demonstration outside their headquarters in the financial district of the city. 


I went to Downtown San Francisco today to protest about Salesforce wrongly using their connection with Customs and Border Protection(CBP).
 Customs and Border Protection is responsible for deporting children from the country back to the place where they were born and probably the reason for leaving home is because there home probably can't provide them with the stuff they need. 
“Salesforce has a 20 million dollar contract with CBP (Customs and Border Protection) 700 of the workers signed a petition for salesforce to end the contract with them but they basically said no,’said Blake, somebody who works at Salesforce and was protesting the contract with Salesforce. “I want sales force to drop the contract with CBP, I think everybody should stop working with Cbp.” if you work with CBP or have contracts with them, end it now. Concluded Blake
    CBP is part of the executive branch of the government and they control the border and they manage what comes in and out of the country including people it stops immigration and import duties, CBP sends people who aren't born in the U.S. back to the country they were born in.
 In conclusion, all tech business should end any of their relations with CBP so they can stop enabling the government to deport people and tear families apart. Even if the child is born in the U.S. and their parents aren't they will deport the parents back to their homeland.


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