Politricks and Poverty- Across this Stolen Land in this State of emergency

Tiny - Posted on 13 August 2018

Politricks and poverty - go together like milk and sour honey

Po folks used and abused for this politricks shell game -  

“We just want to help them (by getting rid of them…

“We just want people to see there is still hope

“We have to get rid of the homeless problem-

“We have to build affordable housing

Whose the sweetest talking pimp on the street?

People been selling poverty to get votes since politricks started

Easing the fascist itch of wanting to not see

Poverty - kinda like the kyrapitlaist game of monoploy

Means about as much as the pink 10 dollar bills

So much bullshit - makes it hard to see

Yea its a wrap- just give me yo vote and ill give u a house- or give  them a house

or at least get them out of your town

Why didn’t u do what you said politrickster ted

oh thats right it was a lie-

but hey it made u feel good at the time….


This message from a poverty skola is written in honor of my fellow poverty disabled unhoused and abused skolaz- my fellow folks who are no longer considered human cuz we outside - now just called the Homeless problem.


From the Boricua sister Ocasio Cortez who just won in New York to London Breed in San Francisco- Poor folks- our stories, our problems -are always spoken about us without us- are touted about, used for street cred and realness. In the case of Ocasio Cortez- she walked with the veneer of a working class back ground - giving her street cred- but as is often the case with politricksters - some of the biography wasn’t based in truth- as my poverty disability skola in poor magazine, Leroy Moore informed me- her daddy bought her a condo in New york - so don’t let the working class narrative fool you- similarily we also know that coming from struggle doesnt always mean you dealing with consciousness when you dealing with poltricksters.


In the case of Ed Lee - one of the worst SF mayors on homelessness and poverty, he locked the doors when we POOR Magazine unhoused families would visit with him- surrounding us Po folks with armed guard and telling us not to sing one more note of spirituals or we would end up in the plantation jail for the day. Conversely Ed Lee loved him some rich techies anyday- giving them massive tax giveaways, wealth-hoarders like Ron Conway- and with his policies helping to launch the devil-oper lie of “affordable housing”- which no longer means affordable to anyone who doesn’t make 120,000 a year-


And don’t get it twisted - across the country you got politricksters using poverty as the shell game to get ahead - which always means we Po’ folks lose more of what we barely had- From Newsom who put in Care not Cash locally - which was code for we are getting rid of your poor people cash grants, to Clinton, creating welfare deform - code for getting rid of welfare- which further criminalized us poor mamas barely surviving on hellfare crumbs-to city council person- Cris Worthington in Berkeley who literally turned on unhoused vehicle dwellers and sided with the city manager to have them evicted from public — not really land-  to politrickster mayor Guiliani out of New York who instituted the broken window theory permanently criminalizing underground economic strategists, street vendors, sex workers, street newspaper sellers and houseless folks - for the sole act of being unhoused.


To beloved Obama and his HUD man Julian Castro who locked in the RAD program -a  benign acronym for the selling of all the public housing buildings across the US on the private stock market so in the 21st century there is no more really real poor people housing-helping to lead to the state of emergency of homelessness we have now.


And now we have Mayor Breed who claims her working class roots- in the fill-No-mo district of SF as well she should, only to turn around and use more hygienic metaphors about cleaning up the homeless problem in SF, taking people's tents- and advocates for the lie of conservatorship of unhoused disabled elders - which is basically homeless jail - back to forced treatment which POOR magazine, Krip Hop nation and so many other disability skolaz  have been fighting against for years- now re-done and sold as the "Answer” to the long held bullshit question - what can we do about the homeless problem- Like i always say - i am Your homeless problem….


And the answer is ….NOTHING -thats what - admit it poltricksters-you use the cult of rehabilitation of us po folks us like this settler colonizer stolen govt always has- from the settlement houses and the ugly laws, who’s launched the Savior industrial complex to profit off of our poverty while incarcerating every poor person it got- to the paupers prisons and the poLICE.


Unless you are wiling to stop seeing this politicks gig as a paid job where u settlling in for a lifetime salary- follow the lead of actual conscious folks who have really been there for change- - Senator Wellstone- who actually fought for poor mamas on hellfiare- in the Bay Area- conscious folks making real moves for poor folks like city council persons Cheryl Devila in Berkeley, Jovanka Beckles in Richmond and their revolutionary mayor Gayle Mclaughlin and the whole city of Richmond’s resistance to Chevron kkkorporation. To Rebecca Kaplan in Oakland- Cynthia Mckinny for president and Luis J Rodriguez- author and poet who ran as the peoples candidate for governor of CalifAztlan and now Cat Brooks running for mayor of Oakland who actually spoke with , listened to unhoused folks - - I’m praying for all of you- cuz yes it seems like if you are not kissing the ass of the ruling class u don’t last- but stay strong and actually listen to us poverty, disability skolaz - to the really real poor peoples campaign platform which we marched for in June from Philly to Washington. Consider coming to the next Peopleskool - and learn /listen to poverty skolaz on the issues that impact us most.


And finally to my fellow poverty skolaz - pls don’t spend all your time worrying and working on politrickster campaigns- thats not organizing- learn how to build your own self-determined movements - like Homefulness in deep east Oakland. Get involved in the Bank of Community Reparations for actual redistribution of stolen and hoarded wealth like we teach in the Stolen land hoarded resources tour, join our next one which will be in Oakland Oct 19th and sign up for a 10 point plan/ Theatre of the POOR Poverty/indigenous skolaz only workshop on the Poverty Scholarship PeoplesText book- which will be launching February of 2019 with a curriculum and book tour across the US to make sure that as many fellow poverty and indigenous skolaz learn how to build their own homefulness projects across this stolen land as possible, cuz like I always say - Change won’t come from a savior a pimp or an institution - change will only come from a poor peoples led revolution


For more information on the upcoming BlackAugust 25th & 26th peopleskool seminars, the upcoming Poverty scholarship Book and curriculum tour or how to redistribute to the bank of Community reparations or collaborate with the Stolen land /hoarded Resources Tours email poormag@gmail.com


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