Grieving Mama Series: The day is fire

Tiny - Posted on 09 October 2018

Audrey Candy Corn

Today is the day I deal with my own fate. I’m all talked out .. I’ve been helped out enough. I’m so fuckin tired and I keep it to myself … we all got our problems. I’ve got mine and you have got yours … So who really cares … other than me … and sometimes I don’t.


Life is fucked up and I kind of cant see it coming so I somehow manage to divert my pain...pushing through I can feel the heart of the aftermath overcasting my shadow.  I anticipate on living like but lately I have been having anxiety around death and my transition….I already outlived my son Torian, our hope who will be 20 next month on October 20th 2018. My birthday is September, 20th 2018 and my last baby boy’s birthday is September 13th, 2018. He will be 10 years of age and my middle child is now 15 years old.


This year is the year we all have been waiting on I had plans and dreams. Oh so many plans for my family of three … I love my sons so much my three heart beats, they take my breath away … often I am amazed … three mini replicas of me.. (X) times three … who will be next one down or one up? Tomorrow is not promised to us … and death has no respect of beauty bronze nor brains … it’s inevitable….


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