Grieving Mama Series: Garlic and Onions

Tiny - Posted on 11 October 2018

Audrey Candy Corn

I sat there breathing her air, the stench of her nose quivered my soul and I smell rancid onions. Funky ass armpits or is that my upper lip … I have been eating garlic and cutting up onions all night long maybe it’s in my pores, but I can’t help but think this stench is coming from her and all her evilness, leaking out of her pores. Silly simpleton bitch. I could just slay you ova and ova and ova again. The audacity to show up, oh you stunting, oh I aught to give you a hella-phied word thrashing you womb is cursed a life for a life ashes to ashes dust to dust… you tainted you let the enemy in … your dad told you that you and yo sista were not permitted, forbidden to be involved with (the boys) one particular family. If only my gramotha Audrey was still alive .. there is no way the sink going out with the baby in it … karma is a bitch and unpredictable. And yet you sit next to me she’s sitting next to me and I have the power I’m releasing venom I am her kryptonite never before have I used my powers for evil I dare not now yet so close she had garlic and onions too.


I can smell your sin … you pupils hide in the shadows of the dilation what good did dwell there is now gone over taken. I bare gifts .. and I’m orchestrating restraint … restraint from releasing native vibes only intentionally who would have known. The same brew would be reintroduced through the Seed Tainted Soil Rotten Fruit. I can’t give in I won’t give in or forfeit my power. Nope not never god’s come, and light will shine. So for now I’m sitting here breathing up the same air in silence ass cheeks burning I am reminded not like how ass cheeks burn in hell fight off the bone. Until next time, I refrain.


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