Invasion of the Tent Snatchers- Unhoused Residents of San Francisco Release their Data on the Tent Theft policy of SF Mayor

Tiny - Posted on 24 October 2018

What: Press conference and speak-out
When: Today: Wednesday, Oct 24th @ 2pm
Where: in front of SF City Hall
Poor, Unhoused San Francisco residents will release our WeSearch data on the theft of over 110 tents belonging to houseless residents by the new Mayoral administration of San Francisco as well as host a speak-out and rally for our rights as residents of San Francisco-

POOR Magazine/ Pnn-Kexu 96.1fm-Po Peoples Revolutionary radio/TV RoofLESS radio reporters/ poverty skolaz have been reporting for the last 2 months on the ongoing WAR on our unhoused, disabled,Trans,criminalized bodies for the sole act of living while houseless in San Francisco, We have also been collecting our own form of poor people-led research we call WeSearch on the abuse, theft and harassment of our unhoused bodies.

It is our hope that with this WeSearch report that we can shine light on this anti-poor people hate and demand the mayor to liberate land for us to build our own self-determined solutions to homelessness ( like the model of Homefulness) rather than keep harassing, arresting and crminalizing our unhoused bodies and our belongings.

POOR Magazine is a poor and indigenous people-led movement dedicated to providing media, education, art and solutions for and by Poor folks ourselves- Pnn-Kexu 96.1fm-Po Peoples Revolutionary radio/TV launched ROOFless radio and the WeSearch project 3 years ago to ensure that poor peoples voices and data were colected, reported and speaking for ourselves about things that impact us 1st and worst.


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