TrumpaKlan Race War

Tiny - Posted on 31 October 2018

Gregory Bush was arrested shortly after killing two African Descendent elders at a Kroger store in Jeffersontown, KY. The 51 year old was charged with 2 counts of murder and multiple counts of wanton endangerment and is being held on 5 million dollar bail.

Around 3 PM, Vickie Lee Jones, 67, a caretaker to an elder family member and retiree from the Veteran’s Hospital and Maurice E Stallard, 69, the father of Louisville’s Chief Equity Officer Kellie Watson was shot and killed in an unprovoked hate crime. Bush entered the store and fatally shot Stallard in front of his grandchild and upon exiting the store, he shot Ms. Jones. One armed bystander was said to have shot and wounded the suspect but according to Chief Rogers the claim of the armed bystander and the statement from a witness who was inside of Kroger could not be verified. The witness, Steve Zinninger, told a TV station that while inside the store his father was armed and had confronted Bush but that the gunman said to his father that “whites don’t kill whites” and then he left.

Not long before the Kroger shooting Gregory Bush was seen on video attempting to make a hateful entry into the first Baptist Church of Jeffersontown. It has been reported that Bush was trying to enter in hopes of ambushing the churchgoers.

“There were 70 people at our weekly meeting service just an hour before he came by. I’m just thankful that all of our doors and security was in place,” said a churchman by the name of Mr. Williams.

Bush, with an extensive criminal record including domestic violence, assault and racially motivated threats says that he struggles with mental illness and I must admit I agree with the kkkiller. Because to have hatred for someone’s skin color- not because a person was mean or cruel-  but because of their skin color is not only a mental illness but a cultural insecurity.

The brutal attack against Blacks has seen an everlasting uptick especially since ratolerant (A racist that tolerates those racist against) president Trump entered office. We have laws like stand your ground backing up racially motivated crimes disguised as self defense, and the fact that if someone is charged with offenses under these laws against Blacks the charges are often lessened or dismissed altogether. Community casualties behind such biased laws have included Markeis McGlockton, Stephon Clark, Travon Martin and Marissa Alexander who have been murdered or incarcerated because of rules not meant to protect people of color.

Take the April 19 case of Dorika Uwinmana, a Black child on her way to school that was assaulted and choked to near death by a white man “needing help” from her.  She would have been killed had it not been for the school bus pulling up intercepting the attempted murder, and the attack left the child with severe damage to her vital organs due to lack of oxygen, for which she had to have a heart transplant. The suspect, Terry Wayne King ll was arrested and charged with a mere “injury to a child causing serious bodily injury” and NOT “attempted murder, assault on a minor causing serious bodily injury, child endangerment and hate crime.” The police say they can find “no motive” for a hate crime but they deliberately overlooked the “uphold the rule of wite supremacy law” which has been a motive since wite supremacy was planted. The hate crime is fueled by resistance the “trump whites” showed against the migration of over 15,000 Congolese citizens to North Texas who are fleeing war and crimes against humanity.

Dorika’s father Twizere Buhinja had fled the Congolese war with his family and spent many years inside a Ugandan refugee camp before migrating to North Texas where the family has been for the past couple of years, still struggling to make ends meet. Families like Twizere’s have been the target of racism and resistance from the “make america great again” crowd but many of the crimes went unreported because one the lies amerikkka sells to our families migrating from other countriesthat it is better to be “free, poor and live “good” ” here than to be “persecuted and slaughtered” back in your “Cultureland.”

As far as Dorika’s family situation, the terrorizing ordeal forced the family to relocate out of fear but they were fortunate to have the support of the village (community) to come through with love and Dorika’s recovery is going along well.

My friend asked me the other day my feelings about all of this. I told her “I feel 1940’s nervous! You know, the fear our folks felt back then, like TrumpaKlan is going to bum-rush (raid) the community at any given time he takes a notion and that we will be totally defenseless!”

What a nightmare!!


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