Making Amerikkka bad again

Tiny - Posted on 31 October 2018

Amerikkka the great. Amerikkka the beautiful. Amerikkka the colonized land of confusion that consists of wicked rulers who slaughtered the Natives and kidnapped the Africans. (just to name a few crimes against humanity). These are the same “great ones” that bombed other nations with impunity and enslaved US citizens to toil in a corporate, capitalist society where we are proud to be oppressors in the form of someone’s else’s boss.

The great Amerikkka that eats her young, lynches Black people, exploits the world and now when things can’t get any worse the wite house is conducting koon meetings with rappers that do not make any common sense whatsoever when communicating with a prez who always has the “little nigger” look on his face whenever he has to pacify his “black brethren”....

Kanye West sounded ridiculous and the mumbo-jumbo he spewed out of his mouth made it clear that he was short on his meds and needs to really take care of himself-pronto.  The prez frolicking with Hollywood won’t exactly solve this Nation’s problems. HW is still the land of make-believe and some celebrity ranting will not house the houseless, feed the hungry, protect the defenseless, heal the sick for free nor will it save this land from judgement for the centuries of wrongness and injustice.

We have someone in the wite house who contradicts himself, tweets like a bird, he’s rude and obviously mean to cats when it comes to his hairstyle but he runs the US of A and literally he’s running it to the ground because his way of making Amerikkka “great again” is by repeating the history of this country’s bloody, wite supremacists agenda.

The history of genocide, land theft, racism and terrorism has left the US soil with a bitter taste from the poison of strange fruit that has been planted HERE by the forefathers of colonization.

The prez cannot even share an umbrella with his own wife so how is he to is to take the issues of global warming, poverty, and human rights violations seriously and consciously? Instead of bragging of victories over adult film stars who claimed he came up short, calling him “TINY” the prez should have more class and integrity about himself- first of all and to have more important “victories” under his belt by doing his part to see that every family in this country is housed, fed, acknowledged and safe. We still have the hoarding of guns, money, land, education and hellthcare to address and the man who is supposed to lead and represent America never in his days has he ever tweeted the likes of; “HOMELESSNESS? NOT IN AMERICA!!!!! HUNGRY FAMILIES??? NOT IN AMERICA!!! POLICE BRUTALITY??? NOT IN AMERICA!!!” If a prez is going to brag, boast about doing right by the world! It may be unnecessary and egotistical but doing “the right thing” is not going to happen anytime soon besides doing all of the above weren’t the deeds that made America great in the first place in the name of wite supremacy and if this isn’t the case the why did the highly propagated movie D.W Griffith’s “The Birth of a Nation” (originally called “The Clansman”) suggest otherwise?

It is no accident that this (strange) fruit still grows flawlessly today but at the same time the vines are choking the souls out of the people and this land’s “leader” is not taking this earth crisis seriously for it is all about sport, play and arguing with porn stars to him and what is so “Great” about that?


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