I was unhoused yesterday & post (S)election I'm still unhoused

Tiny - Posted on 07 November 2018

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Yea this very low-income, broken, formerly unhoused single mama actually has a roof now- but not cuz of no poltricksters “saving” me- Me and my sun have a roof in a landless peoples movement built from extremely hard work by myself and fellow indigenous migrante, incarcerated, homeless, criminalized, bordered, black, brown and poor Poverty skolaz who can’t stop won’t stop - who refuse to engage with the savior industrial complex, the non-profit industrial complex, the government gangsters or corporate banksters - who know that in the end, like i always say with my fellow Po poets- Change won’t come from a savior , pimp or an institution- change will only come from a poor people-led revolution

yes we need to fight the settler colonizer laws - cuz things get worse if we don’t - but it aint everything - matter of fact its very little - in fact i think the reason people rely so heavily on a “vote” is cuz its simple, easy- it doesn’t include holding folks in trauma so you can build together beyond your difference and your internal colonization,- it doesn’t include endless teaching, un-packing, un-colonizing conversations to help other folks un-learn the lie of poLice calling, wealth hoarding - and continual land-stealing - it has a clean , simple end goal, and it has a tangible result-

And yet the Water gangsters, and the Land stealers & sellers and breakers, and the Mama Earth polluters, removers and destroyers continue to steal, destroy, pillage,pollute, break, and think they own-

So readers, i hope u got yo vote on and Im so happy for Prop C and R -but i aint holding my breath- cuz i been lied to before by propositions that we supposed to help educate, feed, house and support me and my family and guess what? the tow trucks keep coming for my home, the bulldozers  for my tent - and the poLice for my shopping cart and for me.

And yes race and culture and gender matters cause Melanin and culture and gender winning these (s) elections is a twisted form of amerikkklan equity- but sadly hegemony is too. Or we wouldn’t have, as my sister junebug says- Brown faces in high places- people like Obama and his right hand man Julian Castro a brown, neo-liberal politrickster who wrote the RAD program (Rental Assistance Demonstration) which has single-handledly caused the sale of all of our poor people housing aka “public” aka “projects” housing on the private stock exchange to housing developers like ING and Citigroup- ensuring that we, the poorest of the poor have no more guaranteed housing anywhere in the United Snakes.

Similarily, we wouldn’t have the new mayor of San Francisco, who just like her predecessor , Ed Lee, came from poverty, the so-called projects, places where us poor folks dwell, turning around and taking homeless peoples tents as her “solution” to homelessness and then to call upon the election- backing the anti-C campaign in her own city that was created to support unhoused peoples in San Francisco,

In the end, i repeat, this landless peoples movement we unhoused and indigenous people call Homefulness, wasn’t built by politricks, Lygislators or a measure or a vote- it was built with Poverty skolaz  hands, and hearts, and hard work and minds and ancestors, and prayers and spirit and love refusing to give up a dream of poor people-led self-determiNation.

For more information on Tiny's upcoming book: Poverty Scholarship- Poor People-led Theory, Art, Words and Tears Across Mama Earth-  which shares the medicine of Poverty scholarship, degentrificaiton, decolonization, redistribution/reparations and Homefulness - go to www.poorpress.net. Reach tiny through her website www.lisatinygraygarcia.com



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