No More Time to Hoard While Mama Earth Burns

Tiny - Posted on 17 November 2018

Tiny aka Lisa Gray-Garcia /Daughter of Dee

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Breathing in
Breathing Out
No More breath to shout
just a gasp
Amerikkklan scarcity models
forged this fiery path

$1.00 a day inmate fire workers earn while mama earth burns
 to gentriFUKation out of our towns, spaces, and centers
we living in forests, tents & highways when we used to live in the bay

Breasting in and Breathing out
No more energy to get thru the day
No More breath left to shout
unhoused fire victims don’t even make the count
now we got more marginally housed poor folks/ fire victims living in tents
the wealth hoarders have made it impossible to afford any place to rent

we are done-
in walmart parking lots
still thinking trump is the one
migrante indigenous familias afriad to even come in
Already unhoused peoples exposed to air filled with smoke filled poison
this time is now
radical redistribution
enacted interdependence  is how
we gonna breathe -
not just one of us
but all of us
and live
and see
a new day

No more time to hoard resources
buy or sell Mama Earth
- open up your unused rooms
your farms
your vacation homes
Stop all this war over ownership and turf
give away your 3rd and fourth cars
support the Po Mamas reparations Fund
help us po folks manifest Homefulness projects Everywhere

this is it- fam
we in this state of emergency
and its called our 21st Century Life
and the only antedote to all this strife is radical redistribution of of your love
of your time

Todays Podcast from a poverty skola is dedicated to all my fellow poverty skolaz who were barely housed before the fires in Califaztlan and are now struggling to even stay in a tent -to  unhoused folks across the bay now facing the dangerous exposure of particulates - and who don’t have what i call the privilege of privacy or coverage- specifically, the people who lost homes and lives were gentrification refugees - already pushed out of urban areas- already marginally hosted, already holding on by a thread- it is why we at POOR magazine work so hard on deGentriFUkaiton efforts - helping people to stay where they are- in their towns and cities of origin- cuz onece we evicted we don’t disappear we move into poor people suburbs or ex-urbs as they have been called further and further away from services -

So we in this time- its very simple - the time for radical redistribution of resources- there are direct things people can do - as reported by friend and co,made 

Examples of racial redistribution range from- buying masks, water, making healing tea and distributing to unhoused folks on the street - and unhoused folks in the towns and cities impacted by these fires-or supporting projects like Mask Oakland- which are giving masks out-  all the way up to buying land for folks so they can launch their own hopefulness projects - giving your excess cars, boats, RV’s that actually work away so folks can live in them- and/or your trust funds or extra resources away to folks who need it  — its is why we have created the Bnk of Community Reparations- with Po Mamaz reparations fund- to give directly to poor families - cars, money - land - housing- and the Tech reparations fund to folks who are victims of displacement and gentrification

Different forms of redistribution for different folks- elders in Chico and Woolsey and Paradise - might need rides to the hospital - help getting medicine and teas and support of whatever they need -opening your homes - extra homes or rooms to families- your backyards to stable places to house folks- sharing your time  thats your time and your bodies if you can-

We are in this time- Mama Earth is struggling- Fires are burning and there is no more time for hoarding- radical unhoarding is necessary- ungentriFUKing - un-evicting- un-buying - to move in every way you haven’t been taught in this kkkrapitalist culture- this is whats necessary now -

To learn more about the Bank of Community Reparations Fund which includes the Po mamas reparations Fund-The tech reparations fund-Homefulness Fund and so much more-  email - to help u learn and enact radical redisibution come to the next session of Peopleskool which will be held Jan 25th & 26th-

And to Conscious Redisibutors, Reparators reading this who are already doing this- so much gratitude, love and respect !!


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