Black Woman, White Face

Tiny - Posted on 05 January 2019

“I mean her butt, it’s so BIG! Uh, Gross! Look! She’s just so BLACK!”


Although the statement above came from a popular song back in the day, the message was clear that the Amerikkkan standards of beauty do not look upon the Black woman as desirable at all. “Black, ugly, nappy-headed wenches” is how the slave runner branded us and under that brand The Black Woman was subjected to rape, torture, medical apartheid and any form of mental,  spiritual breakage and bondage. The Sista was ridiculed for her “big butt” until big butts became a trend that other women can purchase now and capitalize off the once “undesired” fat black woman.

I remember when Serena Williams was being talked about because of her natural, beautiful, athletic, amazon physique and cultural features. Beautiful Black Women such as Serena and even former first lady Michelle Obama was called “gorilla” “ugly” and “monkeys” by racist, hateful individuals who more than likely in the “dark”, envied the Queens. No matter if the image of the amerikkkan black woman is shown in the brightest light imaginable, Amerikkka will always carry a sense of de-value of her and as blatantly shown, The Black woman was not even worthy of being “The statue of liberty” image. Whoopi Goldberg did not receive an award when she played one of the best roles sharing with the world the life as an oppressed black woman in amerikkka and even though I was a youngster when the movie “The Color Purple” first came out I immediately was able to relate to all of what a black woman goes through being considered “The low-priced spread”

The profound part for me was when Mister, played by Danny Glover shouted to Celie, played by Whoopi Goldberg “Look at YOU! You’re POOR, you’re BLACK, you’re UGLY, you’re a WOMAN- You are nothing at all!” The stabbing of the words had me bleeding from confusion as to why the Black Man felt the same way about me as the slave runner, but thanks to a strong Mama I only hold onto the words Celie so humbly said: “But dear, God, I’M HERE! I’M HERE!” With that said,  despite being branded all of the above “I ain’t going nowhere, and when I do there will be no more after ME!”


Blac Chyna had recently put out a skin bleaching product that according to media sources sold very well especially within the Nigerian community and while that is the “in trend” for black women to assimilate white women, the white women are more glorified, profitable and successful with the “assimilation”. My question is what do you do with a white face and the rest of your body is dark? What about the cracks and crevices, between the toes and the “Ooooh wee!” part if applicable? Chyna’s product is pricey (around $250) for a small container so you would have to spend big bucks buying in bulk if one is to bleach the entire body.


The beautiful “universal majority” such as Nikki Menage, Blac Chyna and Lil Kim have been misled into believing that the gift God and Goddess had blessed them with is all wrong and at some point it is very safe to say that they were told that they were ugly. Black women are going to different parts of the world to get blue eye implants and in one case a woman suffered serious side effects (you think?) and had to go back to her natural self. Regardless of cultural background every woman has a gift and is unique and lovely in her own way and that is respected however it is not right to say a black woman is ugly and her butt is fat but walk away with the very body characteristics you claim to detest. What message are we sending to our daughters? That Blac Chyna wasn’t pretty until she started to assimilate Kylie Jenner because in my opinion that is who she looks like now. Lil Kim, Nikki, Tiny and Chyna were/are flawless and priceless princesses but was it was racism and the high of fame that made them alter their Goddess? Why? The lie that Black Women are ugly unless we have blonde hair and blue eyes can be traced all the way back to the Clark doll experiment of the 1940’s. We have been trained and programmed by racist wite supremacy that we are the “niggers” that are dirty, less intelligent, violent criminals but for some reason have access to multi-million dollar rap contracts, the kardashians and is psychologically duped into rejecting any shape or form of knowledge of self. Not only is this a “cultural crime” it is also a slap in the face to those whose shoulders we continue to stand on because if we do not honor and acknowledge our Ancestors they will not acknowledge us and there is not a person on this earth I am willing to be a co-conspirator with partaking in that crime!


Queennandi Xsheba, PNN KEXU


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