My Khmerikan Family: How deportation affected my life

Tiny - Posted on 05 January 2019

I met Solo some 27 years ago in San Francisco’s Tenderloin district when we were youngsters in the “wilderness children” phase. Even though it was love at first sight for me I hid my emotions about how I truly felt for him and tried to hook him up with my cousin. We had a common bond of being children of universal majority (color) so we had each other’s backs (protected one another) and took care of our elders and younger siblings. Unfortunately for me,  I allowed for the wrong man to buzz bull into my ears and before I knew it myself and my daughter out of this relationship were survivors of domestic abuse.

One person besides Mama I credited was Solo, who rescued myself and child from this toxic union and after proving to be a good protector,  Solo became my lover. Our relationship was good but when he went away for a little while I became reckless and my foolishness resulted in me not having Solo’s son. I had ruined my family being a wild cat and listening to folks who could care less about myself and Solo’s “True Romance” therefore I lost the man I always wanted.

Heartbroken, Solo gave up, with an empty feeling and that the life as a “wilderness child” was all he deserved.

He was eventually deported back to Cambodia and when I went to our old “stomping grounds” to find him, folks told me that he was dead. For over 18 years I mourned Solo, honoring him every year and in the month of June, I celebrated his life.

We reunited 2 years ago when to my surprise I found out that Solo was still alive and even though he says he’s ill, I still love him and life has been hell without him. Solo is my Cambodian Prince who loved my fat ass, dark skin, full lips and tightly-curled kinky hair and made me feel like the beautiful, Ethiopian Queen that I am. He did not bite into the amerikkkan standards of beauty or look upon me as “undesirable” like the rest of this country petrays me to be. He was my protector, provider for myself and his step-daughter, he was my loyal companion that never misused me or abused me. Since he has been gone from home I have been depressed, unprotected, angry and confused. Racist white men and other fools continue to terrorize me and many men of color would rather date a Jenner.


The president is using his weight in hate to toughen immigration and asylum laws and with the agenda of wite supremacy in mind, Amerikkka will no longer be home to immigrants migrating to this country. Wite supremacy is also an immigrant and this “immigrant” is guilty of cultural genocide, universal mass murder, kidnapping, enslavement and the theft of Mama Earth and her children’s native tongues but for some devil-empowered reason wite supremacy is totally pardoned and immune to any convictions or deportations. Dozens of Khmerikans are scheduled for deportation Dec 19th and although some argue that it is OK to deport “criminals” not all deportees are criminals and face deportation not because of them breaking the law but Amerikkka breaking human rights laws. If Amerikkka is to deport criminals then she has a long way to go reinstating charges that stem back all the way to when the natives were robbed of the land by europeans and Mama Africa was robbed of her children.


This is this the same Amerikkka who dropped millions of tons of bombs on Cambodia possibly contributing to the rise of the Khmer Rouge, who slaughtered masses and just because this country gave a little “kickback” in funds she feels as if she can now wash her hand of the deeds and get rid of the “human evidence”.  But just like Cambodia’s African relatives, Amerikka has no interest in making any “community reparations” nor is she prepared to make anything “Just” between herself and the Nations she destroyed, and should no one be immune to that crime.


Queennandi Xsheba, PNN KEXU


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