The Power of Man, The Demise of Mama Earth

Tiny - Posted on 29 March 2019

As a child, I used to watch Mama dance and sing to her favorite song, “Earth Crisis” by Steel Pulse and at the time I didn’t quite understand why she insisted  that I paid attention to that song. She knew that the universe was in peril and in her own artistic way she was preparing me for it.


The “Hitler” type dictators have been glorified and made famous for their atrocities committed against fellow inhabitants of the lands in the name of power, greed deception and lust. This tragedy is way beyond the unrest we face here in the states, for the liquor called “power” is consumed by many all over the world and the sickening side effects will destroy us all.


Here at home, we have the burdens of homelessness, po’lice brutality, hunger and an institution set into place that insures only those with race and class privilege are catered to, while those that are in poverty are branded as criminals and denied adequate housing, healthcare and education. Children all across the board, no matter if they are a citizen or a migrant, are separated from their families and incarcerated, only to end up faces without names that “slide through the cracks.”


We have this dictator (Trumpaklan) who is only interested in putting billions of dollars into creating walls and the guns that are needed to guard them. A dictator that is more interested in paying off porn stars because his misdeeds with her came to light, a dictator who has a slogan that endorses the rooted, bloody rule of white supremacy all the while turning a blind eye to the very immigrants that spawned him.


According to WeSearch, Russia has more percentage of control over the thousands of nuclear bombs created and it has been said that a single bomb can cause up to 8 million deaths. We even see these brutal iron fists crush the Motherland (Africa) with the rule of president Bashir who is said to be responsible for the million-plus citizens slaughtered, the millions more displaced and the disappearance of 9 billion dollars of the people’s money. Mexican president Nieto is also on the list as the worst president in history with a high rate of commiting crimes against humanity and has a body count of over 120,000 that is documented. There is David Hanson, the top dog of artificial intelligence who created “Sophia” which was said to be the “new human.” Also on this brief list there is King Mswati of Swaziland who is more interested in a lavish lifestyle, german cars, women and polygamy instead of the poor people he leaves high, dry and impoverished.


And our favorite guy Ron Foucheir, the man who created the H5N1 virus, a deadly strain of bird flu that has a 60 percent fatality rate and if the masses were to be exposed to this germ it would be like “Resident Evil” come to life. But we are not to worry so long as his lab has the virus contained, right?

If women had this kind of global rulership would the world have succumbed to a such beast-like state? In my opinion, it is less likely a woman would salivate over making atomic bombs but she would be more open to solutions that would preserve and nurture, instead of murder- that is not to say that there are not women who can be just as war-bent and controlling, but a catfight would be the “lesser evil” than blowing up the universe over egotistical disagreements. (catastrophe)


Mama Earth is just a place for game, sport and domination when it comes to the mortal man. It is the ways of man that allows for the mindset of false entitlement that enables humans to believe that they are God and rule over everything that does not belong to him. With that said, because of men in power there will always be unrest in the pursuit of survival.


Queennandi Xsheba, PNN KEXU


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