Shot Down on All Levels

Tiny - Posted on 04 April 2019

Queennandi Xsheba PNN KEXU

“Some niggers got shot up!” Was the announcement made on one of the gentriFUKer’s blog, referring to this past weekend’s deadly shooting in the Fill-no-more community Saturday evening. One 25-year-old man lost his life and 4 others were injured when suspect(s) opened fire on the corner of Eddy and Fillmore streets. At the time of the incident, there was people attending the repass of businessman and alleged drug kingpin Ron Newt at the Fillmore Heritage Center but it has not been confirmed if the shooting is related to the homegoing celebration. There also have been no word verifying whether or not the authorities have any suspects in custody.


Regardless of the two events being connected or not- the lack of respect for those who have passed on, no matter the individual’s reputation is dishonorable to the very seed of our culture. Someone loved Adolph Hitler, Christopher Columbus and the slave massa that ran the plantation and by all means they are still being honored to this day- (MAGA). If there was any threat to the homegoing celebration of Mr. Newt then the respectful thing would have been for the “laws” to ensure the community and the mourners’ safety by making sure some kind of law enforcement was present because everyone has the right to a respectful, peaceful Ancestor gathering.


The doors of the Fillmore Heritage Center has been closed since the tragedy with future events being cancelled until further notice and some folks in the community have concerns that although the shooting did not take place inside the establishment, its fate (FHC) may be in jeopardy for permanent closure.


Emotionless, I scrolled through what I call “The GentriFUKers’ Blog” and read all of the comments from the Trumpaklan supporters that live in the hood. I was not moved, disappointed nor hurt in any way over the attitude of how we Black people somehow “had this (death and despair) coming to us because we ain’t nothing but nigger dopefiends and gangstas with baby-mama drama.” The majority of MAGA endorsers in the Fill-no-mo are comfortable with the conclusion that Black and Brown folks will just kill each other off and that we are all the same- less than human beings who deserve no compassion. MAGA folks have no care in the world for people struggling from poverty, addiction, homelessness, displacement, the colonizer mentality and for some reason they turn a blind eye to the fact that there are white addicts, gangstas, HIGH POWERED criminals and poor whites who also suffer under the rule of white (non) supremacy.


Completely numb from the hateful remarks,  the “niggers, this and niggers, that” rhetoric that spewed from the hearts of these folks left me with one crooked-smile response- Just like I get on you trumpaklan fools, I will also address the “nigger wanna be colonizer” mentality too!



Queennandi Xsheba, PNN KEXU,


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