Uncle Al /Mama Dee Living Library Opening at Homefulness

Tiny - Posted on 04 May 2019

Tue, 05/07/2019 - 6:02pm - 7:00pm

Join us for the Humble (yet Grand) Opening of the Uncle Al/Mama Dee Living Library on the sacred land us landless peoples call Homefulness -a homeless/landless peoples self-determined solution to homelessness.

This is a free library for the Homefulness & the BlackArthur Come-Unity of Deep East Hucuin ( Oakland) - which doubles as the Pnn-Kexu 96.1fm-Po Peoples Revolutionary radio/TV studio filled with small collections of books by Poverty, Indigenous/Migrant/Disabled Skolaz as well as collections of Raza Studies, Women's Studies, Black Studies and Indigenous Studies Skolaz and Youth fiction and poetry and more donated by Uncle Al Robles Jean Ishibashi, Jose B. Cuellar, Laure McElroy, Mama Dee and more....

Youth & adult poverty Skolaz at Deecolonize Academy created the bookshelves and layout in the 2019 semester of Revolutionary Construction class with Tios/Maestros Muteado Silencio, Israel and help from POOR Magazine extended family Hanson Lee

We are opening the library in the month of the 10 year anniversary of Ancestor Board Members Al Robles & 13th anniversary of Mama Dee & nine month anniversary of our sisSTAR poverty skola Laure McElroy's Transitions as the library is also a space of remembering, honoring, praying for and lifting up our ancestors.

The event will include prayer /libations by sisSTAR skola Juju Angeles, poetry by the Poetas POBREs/Po Poets Project and words by Utopia Hammond, niece of Uncle Al and will be followed at 7pm by weekly Comm-unity Newsroom- the poor peoples Editorial board and POOR Magazine orientation- come thru for healthy food and love, art and liberation -



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