FRIDAY- Poverty Skolaship: Teatro De Los Pobres/Theatre of the Poor Hits the Stage!!!

Tiny - Posted on 03 June 2019

Fri, 06/07/2019 - 7:30pm - 9:30pm

Unhoused Mothers, Immigrant/Indigenous Families, Youth & Disabled Elders Create Beautiful liberation Theatre 

Poverty Skolaz- Bilingual Theatre of the POOR , Narratives of struggle and resistance derviced from the new Poor Peoples Textbook and Theory hits the stage at the Redstone Bldg in the Mission - 

When: Tomorrow, 7:30pm Friday, June 7th, 

Where: Historic Redstone Bldg 2940 16th st In the old Rhino Theatre 

tix $3-30 or whatever u can afford -benefit for #DeecolonizeAcademy summer mentorship for youth in Poverty

Following a free four week bi-lingual theatre workshop with youth, adults and elders in poverty - A truly powerFULL poor people-led theatre of the Poor /Teatro de Los pobres bi-lingual/multi-generational play inspired and including the concept/art/ theory and Words of the just released Poverty Scholarship Book hits the stage at the old rhino theatre in the herstoric Redstone Bldg in the Mission

In light of the extremely criminalizing measures being put into place to criminalize every poor person they can - like the recently passed "conservatorship law in SF, this theatre is even more important for our collective healing and truth-telling-..

Email to reserve seats or jus show up at the door on the night of the performance -

About the Project:
What is a Poverty Skola?
Have you struggled/lived thru/survived poverty, homelessness, eviction, displacement, incarceration, racial profiling, police harassment racism, disability and/or colonization. The 4 week workshop was focused on healing, telling your story in your own words - for unhoused, criminalized, evicted, displaced, disabled, very low-income, bordered, and/or indigenous folks

Workshops and Theatre sponsored by POOR Magazine/Prensa POBRE- Theatre of the POOR/Teatro de los pobres project - this project coincides and includes the powerFULL Poor People-led theory from the just released Poverty Scholarship Book Event co-sponsored by the San Francisco Bayview Theatre 

POOR Magazine is a poor and indigenous people-led movement that has been creating/providing grassroots, media, art, education, extreme advocacy and solutions by and for poor and unhoused communities locally and globally. Homefulness is a homeless people’s solution to homelessness, a self-determined, landless people’s movement, building housing and support by and for unhoused communities in Deep East Oakland. Deecolonize Academy is a poor mama and uncle led liberation school for homeless and formerly homeless youth and families on the land at Homefulness.


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