The Back Door Killing of The Olmstead Act by Former President Obama RAD Program Killed Public Housing

PNNscholar1 - Posted on 18 June 2019

I’ll say it now and on Wednesday June 26th, 7-9pm, at Google's Community Space on The Embarcadero SF where a panel will discuss Olmstead Act that said the segregation of people with disabilities is discrimination, and that people with disabilities have the right to live, work, and thrive in the community. I’ll say that former President Obama killed the Olmstead act by helping to privatize housing with the creation of RADProgrm in 2012 and now with the new CA law by Scott Wiener AB1045, Conservatorship Law that goes against what the late Lois Curtis was fighting for.
In 2011 Lois Curtis, the plaintiff in Olmstead v. L.C. was invited to Obama's White House. I'll go on to say as President Barack Obama accepted a self-portrait of herself as a child that she painted and gave to Obama at The Oval Office, on 20 June 201 he Obama knew that his action in 2011 would go against what the Olmstead Act will do.
So before 2012 when Lois Curtis, the plaintiff in Olmstead v. L.C., (center) presented President Barack Obama with a self-portrait of herself as a child that she painted the Oval Office, on June 20th 2011 President Obama listened as he was introduced RADProgram by Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro that Obama went along with thus destroied public housing and limiting what the late Lois Curtis and other disabled activists fought for thus turning the Olmstead Act something that is unreachable because public affordable/section eight housing has been flip into private high rent condos. The ultimate kicker now in 2019 not like the 80's can't go back to hospitals bečuse they too are privatize thus the population of disabled and disabled elders have skyrocketed. On top of the above SF Mayor's anti poverty bill, tech and so on! And You know about my feelings about "inclusion!"
I might say more if they don't take away my mic!
Pic:President Barack Obama looks at a painting presented to him by artist Lois Curtis, center, during their meeting in the Oval Office, June 20, 2011. Joining them are, from left, Janet Hill and Jessica Long, from the Georgia Department of Labor, and Lee Sanders, of Briggs and Associates. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)


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