Shots Fired

Tiny - Posted on 19 June 2019

Crystal Chaplin

She took shifts sitting by both her son's sides after they both were shot and almost murdered by a lone police officer in Olympia Washington.

As she sat at her son's hospital bed sides she heard on the news of what happened. The news blasted the radio traffic call the officer had made to dispatch about the shooting that late evening/early morning when he shot both her sons.

As the news people went on and showed a video of her youngest son playfully doing air tricks with his skateboard, she knew right then and there what happened to her sons would be twisted to make them look like thugs, poor, thieves, niggers etc.

it was Olympia after all, the Capital of Racism..

And she was right...

The officer made a statement after 5 or 6 days of reviewing this video and then typed out a 6 page letter on what went down

This officer and his buddy's in blue helped him get his bogus ass story about being attack by a skateboard together so this piece of shit officer would be justified

The way the media portrayed what happened and how the police were doing their own investigation bothered her a lot

She was hurt and upset that a police officer who was sworn to protect and serve chose to pull his weapons and excessively fire those weapons multiple times at her sons as they ran for their lives

"Yes, weapons"

Cops voice over radio traffic said....

they're aggressive just so you know...

Seconds pass Cops voice comes over the radio again and he says...

Shots fired one down, then a few seconds after that, Shots fired, second suspect down, what she heard that came across the radio was devastating to hear...

When she heard the cop say they're "aggressive" and just 'so you know," sent a chill through her body,  she felt sick to her stomach, 

in her mind she questioned what he said,  

did he say that just incase if they die he would be justified and his brothers in blue would help cover up for this reckless cop?

Yup and that's exactly what they did, help cover up his shit......

Her sons were in the hospital fighting for their lives, while that officer went home to his family and girlfriend on paid leave..

She sat at her youngest son's bed side holding his hand, talking to him, hang on son, momma is right here, please open your eyes baby, he was in critical condition and she was scared he wouldn't make it, she had know idea how many bullets entered his body, all the bandages and tubes hooked up to his body was overwhelming, she broke down crying in disbelief 

Frantic she needed to see her other son she didn't know what his condition was, she and her daughter got into the car to head to another hospital where her other son had been transported to

She thought why the hell would they separate them

She arrived at the hospital 40 mins later where her other son had been transported too, her son was conscious and alert, she was so relieved too see his eyes open and he was talking but he was in shock, terrified and crying, 

he was concerned for his younger brother and was in disbelief at what had happened to him and his brother

After a while had passed she heard that the narcissistic psychopath cop was justified, just like all the rest of these cops that shot and murder unarmed citizens all across the USA.

Protect And Serve that's a bunch of BULLSHIT!

We Must Protect Our People

Instead of the Cop going to jail, her son's were handcuffed and brought to jail after several weeks in a criminal trial

Her heart broke into a million more pieces watching all this unfold, 

She couldn't not believe what she was seeing, these cops that sat at the back of the courtroom were giving each other hi fives and patting each other on the asses after leaving the court room, this was so fucking sickening to watch

The OPD is Corrupt

The City Of Olympia WA is Corrupt

The whole damn system is Corrupt


Real life story

Written by

Crystal Chaplin

Mother of Andre & Bryson

They Survived


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