Wite Male (Book) Sale at Uncle Al /Mama Dee's Po Peoples Library at Homefulness

Tiny - Posted on 26 August 2019

Sat, 08/31/2019 - 11:00am - 2:00pm

Wite Male (Book) Sale at the Uncle Al/Mama Dee Po' Peoples Library at Homefulness

(All sales proceeds go to the purchase of tents for unhoused folks whose tents & belongings are being stolen by politricks on both sides of this Occupied Bay) 
POOR Magazine ancestor board members, revolutionary poet and community poverty skola Uncle Al Robles loved him some Henry David Thoreau & other WiteMale suthors as well as so many powerFULL poverty skolaz at the Kearney Street Workshop and beyond - my ghetto skola, poet & co-editor of POOR Magazine Mama Dee & sis-STAR/welfare Queen co-founder of Homefulness-who passed onto the spirit journey on this day last year -Laure McElroy also loved paper books so we are holding the Wite Male (Book) sale on this day to honor Laure's Death Anniversary and all of our ancestors poverty skolaz with a herstoric book sale out of the Po Peoples Library- Come thru on Saturday to buy a book- drop off a tent or just pay homage to the liberation- Food will b provided.( like we always do at POOR Magazine 
WHERE: Uncle Al/Mama Dee Po Peoples Library at Homefulness/ POOR Magazine 8032 BlackArthur (MacArthur) Oakland, Ca 94605 
WHEN: 11am -2pm Saturday, BlackAugust 31st 
THe Day Starts with Ancestors Breakfast for Laure -ALL PROCEEDS FROM BOOK SALES GO TO TENT PURCHASES FOR UNHOUSED FOLKS - or you can drop off tents - Multi-person family tents or Individual one person tents 


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