The Catalyst

Tiny - Posted on 05 September 2019

Over the past few years I believe I have come 2 grips with a few decisions. By far I am not a willing participant in being the catalyst, but I am realizing that sometimes being the catalyst is exactly what your position is to be. I am floored with the idea that one person could be chosen to be the catalyst of many different situations. Imagine being born only to be put in situations that are uncomfortable and traumatizing in order for mankind to function. Something to think about. It puts me in the mind of sacrifice.

I believe we all have a purpose and a reason for being put down here on Earth some say we are here simply because of one spiritual mistake or mishap one evil entity is the root of us humans suffering but what if the Outlook is different what if one doesn't believe that should be true what if One Believes Only In What they Can See </p />
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