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Tiny - Posted on 24 September 2019

Everything is a Waiting List


I was on my way home from middle school one day. WHAT! A sheriff deputy is at my house with a pink lockout notice on the door and my mom's in tears. What to do, another homeless family in SF. My mother has been on the Section 8 waiting list for years.

It took 20 years to get a Section 8 place. The old apartment went from $650 to $3500 in one month. After years of homelessness as a single mother, three young boys and two girls our lives are now devastated. You grow up in the streets then lives change daily. Drugs and everything that goes with that life. Mostly death. 

I myself have been homeless for 10 years waiting in lines at Glide. Sometimes there were no beds so back to the streets. Long ass waiting list destroys lives. 

There are 8,011 homeless families in San Francisco as of now. And here we are in 2019. The waiting list for Section 8 says four to five years. A lot of things change in that time. Families are divided. It trickles down to the next generation of homeless.

Will I have to be on the waiting list all my life? What we need is to make new homeless laws to protect families and just homeless people in general. We as San Franciscans have gotten over 60 million in homeless funds. Where is the money? Tied up in City Hall.

I'm going to City hall and taking some friends in to talk to those who are accountable for this waiting list. The money is here. Why do I have to wait!


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