Roofless Radio Nashville- Susan

Tiny - Posted on 01 October 2019


Hi, I'm Susan, and I'm from Nashville. I've been in housing for almost two years now. I had let some houseless people stay with me, that were living in their car. And it was 100 degrees plus outside. I thought, well, I can let them stay a couple days. In the meantime, over time, their car got towed from the parking lot at the apartments where I live. And then luckily, they had another vehicle. That was on its last tire, so to speak. Anyway, I went to the apartment complex to the office, and the manager said, well, I have some papers for you that's going to be in the mail. And I thought, oh no, I'm fixing to get evicted. Because I let some people stay the night.


She's a sick woman. They're in their 40s, but you can be sick at 10 years old, and still need a place to stay. Just because they're not elderly or my kinfolks-- and even if they were my kinfolks, would they have let them stay then? 


Another friend of mine, he had some medical issues, and he had spent the night. The next day, he said Susan, please call me an ambulance. He said, I've got to go to the hospital. Well, before the ambulance even got there, the apartment manager was down there. And she's like, did he stay with you last night? I said, yes ma'am, he did. You know, I said, he's very sick. He wound up staying at the hospital for nine days. Nine days in the hospital. I'm like- give me a break.


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