Profile of Amir

Tiny - Posted on 29 October 2019

On october 19th, I was given the assignment to interview one of my classmates in Decolonize Academy. Tiny, my teacher in Jailhouse Lawyering class, assigned us to our individual partners. The interview would start with two people. One would ask their question and the other would respond with an answer. Then it would switch for whoever was answering to be the one asking.
I was partnered up with my friend Amir. The whole class were given five questions. I asked my first question, where did you get your name, Amir? It was a simple but personal question. He responded with ‘’I got my name from my mom,’’ saying it with a smile.
After my asking the first question, I asked about Oakland. The subject changed to what did Amir like about Oakland or dislike. He answered with a grim look. ‘’I don’t like gunshots, they make me angry’’ Amir said. Honestly I could relate to he was talking about. You could be having dinner with your family then a bullet goes from the dinner table to the back yard. 
It’s a scary thought. Personally the emotions he felt were ones that hit really close to home. I then asked ‘’what do you like about Oakland man.’’  He said, ‘’I like that Oakland is rowdy’’ I then smiled and said ‘’that’s cool bruh.’’ In environments like projects you kinda get immune to chaos because it’s all around you. You adapt and get in tune with your surroundings.  


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