Demand to Disband All PoLice Agencies on Stolen Land & Fund People-led Solutions

Tiny - Posted on 05 June 2020

A Demand from a Coalition of Houseless/Migrante/Indigenous/Poor and Disabled to Disband All PoLice Agencies Across Occupied Turtle Island and Fund People-led solutions.  


Since the Beginning of the original theft of Turtle Island, the subsequent colonial genocide waged against the 1st Peoples of this land, the enslavement and genocide of Black Peoples from the continent, militarizing and creation of false kolonial borders, colonial wars across Mama Earth, the criminalization and policing of public land and unhoused people in public Police and armies have been used to destroy, kill, terrorize and maim. 

This humble demand to disband All PoLice Agencies Across Occupied Turtle Island is because we as houseless, migrant, indigenous, disabled, Black and Brown communities have felt this first-hand and have witnessed, experienced and suffered from ongoing State Sponsored Murder, harassment, sweeps,  evictions, violence , deportations, exploitations, seizures and brutality of our families, communities and bodies. 

In addition, this community of multi-racial, multi-ligual, multi-cultural, multi-spirited, disabled poor people building a homeless peoples self-determined land liberation movement that NEVER engages with the systems of PoLicing or other Governmental institutions that test, arrest, deport or incarcerate us- Hereby declare that we continue to refuse and resist all state-sponsored murder, control, terror and curfews on this stolen land. 

We do with the understanding that other community accountability models such as the Elephant circle at Homefulness and Community Ready Corps have been supporting communities for years without ever engaging with police or military agencies to solve our problems. 

We are humbly demanding that the billions of dollars used to fund police are re-directed to liberate, purchase and free up land and resources to build poor people -led solutions to homelessness, education, healthcare and trauma such as Homefulness, radical redisribution, self-determined models such as HomiesEmpowerment and the Bank of ComeUnityReparations, Black led models such as the Black New Deal and land healing and indigenous land reclamation projects such as Sogorea Te Land Trust .

In Addition we lift up the lives and spirits of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Stephen Taylor, Tony McDade, Sean Monterosa & so many more who most recently sparked people to refuse, to resist and to Say NOT ANOTHER DEATH. 

It is with prayer and humility, love and respect for all of us and especially the next seven generations that we release this demand. 

Signed By 

POOR Magazine/Homefulness/Deecolonize Academy

Krip Hop Nation

Indian People Organziing For Change (IPOC)

National Brown Berets Oakland

Self-Help Hunger Program 

Lisa Ganser/PoorNewsNetwork Washington

Kim DeOcampo, Executive Director Angel Heart, Secretary & Public Relations Officer;  on behalf of Sacred Sites Protection and Rights of Indigenous Tribes (SSPRIT)

Sansarah Morgan
Oakland Better Birth Foundation

South Asians for Black Lives


Creating Freedom Movements

India Currents


(Others TBA)



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