Homefulness 2

Tiny - Posted on 31 July 2020

The youth did WeSearch about the vacant lots that were empty for days, maybe months.The youth skolas called the owners of the vacant lots. And Decolonize got one of the vacant lots and is building another Homefulness. 


I am Amir Cornish. I’m a student of Deecolonize Academy, and we are a group that helps the community. I live in West Oakland.  


Homefulness 2 is the same as Homefullness, and Poor Magazine created the first Homefulness ever. But Homefulness 2 is another extension for Poor Magazine. They’re both in East Oakland.


Homefulness 2 is going to be a wonderful place for a community and we hope this Homefulnes 2 will grow into the world and also bring all the community people together as a unit, to finally unsell mama earth around the world.


Homefulness 2 is a start for the community because we could tell the world we finally made it by ourselves and say we don’t need the government or gentrifiers that are breaking our community apart. 


Homefullnes 2 is a work in progress. The youth, adults and elders helped clean the Homefulness 2 place up, but this is a community that builds nothing into something also nobody  can really do that.


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