Poor Peoples Candidate Forum to End Politricks (on ZOOM)

Tiny - Posted on 27 October 2020

4pm - Friday, Oct 30, 2020
To get Link please email poormag@gmail.com 
A Candidate Forum led by poor, houseless, indigenous and disabled people about poverty, disability, housing and homelessness and the end to the criminalizaiton of poverty in this stolen land.
From Sweeps to Encampment Bans- All Across the Bay - its illegal, or dangerous to be a low-income/no-income tenant or be living without access to a roof. And no matter what the poltricksters say - they always seem to vote in favor of more LIEgislations that protect the scamlords, wealth-hoarders and the land-stealer class. For the last decade- POOR Magazine has held Candidate forums led by poor, houseless, disabled and poLice Harassed people-
All candidates from all across the bay and all Communities of truth-tellers, voters and poltrickster resistors are invited- SO far Candidates from District 1 and 4 in Oakland have confirmed-email poormag@gmail.com to RSVP if you are a candidate


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