The Votes are in

Tiny - Posted on 12 November 2020

By Queennandi Xsheba PNN KEXU


President Trump is out- and Biden is the newly elected president of the United States along with Kamala Harris making history as the first woman of color to become the vice president of this nation. Before Kamala, Shirley Chisholm became the first African descendant woman to serve in New York’s 12th congressional district and did so successfully for seven terms. These historical accomplishments would probably be still a dream without the people’s voting voice. 


There were a lot of mixed feelings from the community regarding the new president and vice president with some folks saying that the Biden-Harris combo may turn out to be worse than Trump and Pence. One voter even said that with Kamala Harris district attorney background and infamous lockup rate she fears that “The whole country will get locked up.” 


Another voter from the community stated that Biden was “just as racist” as Trump and the fact that a woman of color is vice president doesn’t mean that the change the people anticipate will come to fruition. 


When we go down the list of past presidents it would be very difficult to name one “perfect” president regardless of cultural background or religion because there never was one, however it was the common thread of thinking amongst the voters that felt the need to put into office the politician that doesn’t “whip the people as hard” rather than to have a tyrant for a president who continues on with the agenda of oppression.


According to “Community WeSearch”, former president Donald Trump not only was a “Tyrant” but a boastful criminal who separated families fleeing famine and other life-threatening danger. He turned a blind eye to the uptick of police terror running rampant in Black and Brown communities enabling “law enforcement” to kill at will with impunity, he failed at providing aid to the people to help sustain themselves during a deadly pandemic. Trump had also downplayed COVID with idiotic tweets and parading around the nation maskless eventually contracting COVID-19 himself, putting all those around him at great risk and had the gall to send “shout outs” to White supremacists groups during a presidential debate. With all that said, there was no wonder why there was such a huge voter turnout to get him out of office because he was “a beast who lacked presidential integrity.”


Even with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris preparing to run the “free world” folks still have the “nail-biting” vibe that change will still continue to progress slowly, or stagnate altogether once again. Keep in mind that there is no such thing as “perfection” and what this country really needs is “progress, equality, consciousness and loyalty” to the people without holding “votes” regarding our fate. And if the two newly-elect are to fail at the agenda of “humanity” it would be up to US to utilize our voting voice and continue on with our uphill battle for real change.


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