Poor People Built these Homes With a Poem

Tiny - Posted on 02 December 2020

528 years, 22 years and all of our lives of endless struggle....Poor People built this with a poem- a poem that wound thru shelter beds and tents, poLice sweeps and the lie of rent....


Dear Loving Family/ComeUnity,


We are writing to you with love, gratitude and tears of unbelieving in our hearts that us poor, houseless, incarcerated, disabled and indigenous peoples got this far in building Homefulness. We need your help to make sure that 9 more houseless, indigenous families and disabled elders become homeful and we finish Phase #6. (Donate Here or poor-magazine on Venmo)



A dream that started on a shelter bed, park bench, bus shelter and backseat of a car by two houseless indigenous women is made into a reality....now here we are....living into , breathing into Phase #6 and we are asking for support to finalize each unit- so more houseless families can move in and be HOMEFUL- WE NEED appliances, floors, light switches, etc- each family slated to move in is already helping to make this happen- from painting days to writing the Peoples Manifesto and working on healing from krapitalist violence that seems to never end.


Meanwhile since the ongoing violence of poverty, PoLice murder, poltricks and Covid19 rages on- POOR Magazine expanded our weekly Sliding Scale Cafe on BlackArthur to Mercadito de Cambio (Little Market of Change) and ongoing #RoofLESSRadio which has been sharing food and supplies since 2011 and is now sharing masks and hand sanitizers two days a week in addition to resources and food in encampments with our brothers and sisters in Oakland and San Francisco. All of this happens with the help of the Bank of ComeUnity Reparations which is supporting over 700 families a week with diapers, food, masks and love and have 120 families on the wait-list to receive diapers from the Po Mamaz Diaper Fund- We have published two powerful books and led PeopleSKool on Zoom, We have launched a Homefulness #2 liberation


This year there has been so much liberation and so much sorrow, prayer love and struggle. We hold all of you in hearts for standing with us, walking with us and changing/transforming with us... WE are still here! ....And none of this would have happened without your ongoing love and redistribution -


Lifting us all up in prayer for the next year to come!!!!!   

In Love and Struggle, POOR Magazine Family- 


  • THEN RELEASED TWO MORE EMERGENCY BOOKS in response to the year’s events 

    • Po Peoples Survival Guide Thru Covid19 and

    • How to Not Call the PoLice Ever.

  • WE BEGAN GROCERY AND SANITATION SUPPLIES DISTRIBUTION to encampments in the Bay Area in response to Covid-19, and (link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EiL19exrz68&feature=emb_logo)


Here are more 2020 highlights:

Alternatives to Policing: How Not to Call the PoLice Ever

link here: https://www.facebook.com/events/2698952073680126

This year we had a big spike in interest for this workshop, and taught it in workplace, community, religious and academic settings. The workshop teaches on poor and traumatized peoples accountability, how to redefine a western wite supremacist notion of security, and how to hold each other through trauma and into a true definition of interdependent safety.

Untold, Unsold: Black, Brown, Red, Broke & Disabled Voices in Black History Month Book Tour


In February & March POOR Press released eight powerful and beautiful books including Black Disabled Ancestors by Leroy Moore, Unwritten Law by Dee Allen, When Mama and Me Lived Outside by Lisa”Tiny” Gray Garcia, Disturbance Within Myself by Audrey Candycorn, Chimalli by Muteado Silencio, Horse Tuuxi: My Name is Kai by Angel Heart, Everybody Jesus by Katana Barnes

Homeless & Poor peoples-led Healing, Sanitation & Cleaning Supplies Distribution 

(link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EiL19exrz68&feature=emb_logo)

Since the pandemic started, POOR began our weekly supply distribution days at Bay Area Unhoused Communities & Encampments & Poor Peoples Housing.

From Katrina to Corona web series


We launched a weekly web series on topics such as: government v. poor people’s solutions to Covid-19, lockdown in prisons, jails and nursing homes, police murder and curfews on stolen lan, and philanthro-pimping in a pandemic. 

Po Peoples Survival Guide Thru Covid19 & Poverty Book Release


In this collection, poverty skolaz from across Turtle Island and Mama Earth speak out and share their survival stories through words, art, and images along with news stories, health info, and resources to help folks in struggle during this pandemic and the ongoing virus called poverty. Book available on poorpress.net.

People Skool Degentrifukation/Decolonization Seminar on Zoom

link here: https://www.facebook.com/events/662745870996928

We had our biggest People Skool for people with race, class and/or formal education privlege seminar ever, with people joining on zoom from around the world. 

How to Not Call the PoLice Ever Book Release

link here: https://www.facebook.com/events/793050841478289

This handbook takes readers through the Herstory/His-STORY of Po’Lice Terror of our bodies, lives, children and elders in this stolen land, and then shares the model of the Elephant Council at Homefulness—a poor, Indigenous people/traumatized people’s accountability circle, which includes a redefinition of the silently violent, western white supremacist notion of “security,” and enables us to hold each other through trauma and institute a true definition of interdependent safety. Book available on poorpress.net.



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