Breaking the Silence Organizing Campaign (BSOC)

root - Posted on 14 November 2001

Disability Advocates of Minorities Organization(DAMO) is coming to your neighborhood to educate, celebrate, advocate and recruit disabled and non- disabled people of color for BSOC!!

by Staff Writer

What is it? BSOC Campaign is a platform for disabled people of color. BSOC's main goal is to build friendships, leaders, to display the culture, artistic talents, history of disabled people of color and organize in communities of color to advocate for legal rights, services and bring to light issues that touch the disabled people community in San Francisco!

Why? BSOC Campaign was born because there is no platform where disabled people of color can come together to express themselves, feel empowered and to use their abilities for change and increase public awareness about issues that face them and to help change the economic, political and social objectles. Do you know that disabled minorities have a rich culture but we also face police brutality, street violence and have the highest unemployment rate every year? It’s time to voice our issues and educate our diverse communities that make up San Francisco.

How? BSOC Campaign will hit four neighborhoods of people of color with various educational, advocacy and artistic events\workshops throughout the year (The Mission, the Bayview, and the Filmore districts). Anybody is welcome to take part of this campaign. Quarterly DAMO will be at various public spaces i.e. Bookstores, libraries, cultural centers, schools, youth centers, non-profit organizations and churches etc. but we need your help to make this campaign and DAMO a success.

Join the BSOC Campaign and make a difference. Stay tune for more info..

FOR MOORE INFORMATION and to get involved CALL:

Leroy F. Moore Jr., Executive Director @ (415) 586-2047 or

820 Valencia St. San Francisco, CA. 94110

DAMO Monthly Meeting the Third Saturday of every month 11-1pm


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