Pimping the Lie of "Safety"

Tiny - Posted on 06 February 2021

Politricking, PoLicing & pimping of Safety on Stolen Land by tiny 


Pimping safe 

Is all for the colonial state

Working off fears and tears of women/Trans bodied members of the Hu-man race 

Creates the burning question 

What do I do if im attacked by stranger or mate ?”


But who really is unsafe- 

Yes us women bodied /trans-bodied 

Humans can relate 

to a knawing fear of what if 

And how can I walk at night without my self-defense tactics straight


I would argue, its a different gaze 

A different reality - 

A different take


Unhoused humans in public space

Black and brown youth, walking, dreaming, thinking

watched by amerikkklan race hate


All the brothers and sisters race and class adjudicated living in those false borders and KAGES 


Matter of fact I would argue that no-one is ever COMPLETELY safe 

In this StolenLAND STATE

But that folks with class and Race lightness on their face 

Have a lot more chance of living, not being shot and profiled 

To live another day


To lift up the security, safety and reality we are already walking in

a reality thats a setup from the get-up for houseless folks and folks wit melanin 


This message from a poverty skola is dedicated to the front -line health workers who we had the blessing of sharing our No PoLice /No Security enforced state teaching with last week


And a shout out to all the front-line workers straddling the fine lines of the front line

Straddling the fine-lines of the front-line 

so that wealth-hoarders and land-stealers can continue to be protected - and never expected

to put their bodies on the line- 

and what does that mean for frontline bodies?



The ways that class and race always play in but amerikkklan policies and laws lock in place an intangible gray area on the lie of safe- that how can some of us even be safe when It means we all aren’t safe ?


In cities across this stolen land, colonial government structures promote, perpetrate and implement absolute lies that keep up these lies of “safety” . An example of safety politricking is the hypoKRAZY of San Francisco and Sacramento, perpetrating the absolute violence of sweeps of houseless humans while we are in a pandemic. And then in San Francisco placing these ridiculous overt/covert hate campaigns that say “find somewhere safer to sleep” while making sure that you cant “sleep” in public while while houseless. All this in a city where hundreds of Shelter in Place motel residents were threatened with eviction from their motel rooms given to them to abide by Centers For Disease Control guidelines of Shelter in Place.  


Similarily, so much krapitalist profit are "made" on the safety industry from products and services to the PoLice and Security Industrial Complex which is why krapitalism created this lie. 


Shout out to fellow POOR Magazine /PeopleSkool poverty Skolaz from the poor peoples love-security team, POOR's Elephant Council, warriors from MHFIRST, anti-poLice Terror Project, Community Ready Corp, Sacramento Homeless Union, Idriss Stelley Foundation and KOPWATCH for lifting up the truth about how we keep us safe about the connections the terrorizing poLice and the many lies of the state. 


So the first prescription for all housed, wite/light- skinned readers is to take a pause and spend sometime to breathe in your unseen privilege, the ways that you never have to check on proximity of a police car to you, don’t have to worry about store - owners and security guards following you- you don’t enter/live in the world, workplace, street corner, school, or neighborhood with an overt and covert  bias attached to your body. 


Also for housed readers please recognize in your own body safety what I call  the privilege of privacy while so many of us outside struggle with the violence of exposure, meaning our lives of houselessness are in the public domain, we are never safe from your judgemental gaze and yet, what if someone lifted the roof off of your home, office, apartment, would the world, now able to see all of your flaws laid bare, call you lazy, dirty or messy? And how these privileges and abuses are never mentioned in the multiple discussions of houseless peoples mental health, tendencies to escalation, or violence in "public", even though that emergency room, bus shelter, street -corner is, in essence, their "home".


"In my administration i will be focusing on public safety, crime and affordable housing," said any poltrickster in Anytown, United Snakes... What does that really ever mean? Notwithstanding the uprising in response to the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and all the other humans before them, these lines still get said. Amerikkklan anti-poor people haters say them all the time, trying to use wite people's fear of the Houseless planet, fear of the Black and Brown planet to stoke the endless need for poLice budget increases and miltary grade weaponry acquisition and private security and so much more. 


These clear realizations doesn’t make it any easier to face violence - and doesn’t mean you should not talk about /work on increasing your own personal safety in regards to self-defense, etc.  And please don't CONfuse feelings about safety with your guilt or racial bias. This is an urgent call to re-examine safety itself, how it can actually be a fluid concept,  embodying patience, overstanding and what I call ComeUnity Reparations - meaning that you work personally within your wite or light -skinned privileged communities to figure our what resources or access you can leverage in your own life- which like we teach folks in PeopleSKool- begins with your own life, your own family , your own community and the ongoing silence about resources and hoarding and gentriFUKing and taking and racing and classing. And how all of those acts lead to un-safe, dangerous conditions for poor, Black, Brown, Disabled, elders, families and youth. So while you feel un-safe out of your homes, gated communities, and enclaves, we are never safe


This message from a poverty skola was brought to you with love - and call to action-For more information about peopleskool go to www.racepovertymediajustice.org 




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