I don't Want to slumify Oakland..

root - Posted on 31 December 1969

Oakland Mayor Jerry Brown evades issues at POOR Magazine's Media inAction protest and press conference. Evicted tenants and advocates question Brown's possible conflict of interest with Madison Park Corporation.

by PNN Staff


Under "strong mayor" Jerry Brown tenant advocates are unable to penetrate a city council who with the exception of council member Nancy Nadel, refuses to dissent on any of Jerry Brown's proposals.What this means is no Oakland RENT CONTROL, and in the climate of high speed Bay Area gentrification generated by realtors such as Madison Park Corporation this creates an extremely precarious situation for all tenants.

Due to this difficult and unstable situation a group of artists, low income tenants, representatives from Eviction Defense Center and Oakland Tenants Union are planning an emergency protest with the Media inAction project of POOR Magazine. On January 19 at 4:00 pm on City Hall Plaza, evicted artists will construct the "Jerry-fication Project" housing installation, a combination of creativity and desperation. "Jerry Brown wants art in Oakland, but he doesn't want us to live here" , says Barry B. an Oakland time based Metal sculptor.


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