#PrivateProperty is a Colonial Lie - Devil-opers Incarcerate a 5700 year old Sacred Site- Save the #WestBerkeleyShellMound

Tiny - Posted on 15 March 2021

Request for Support from Sogorea Te Land Trust- about the recent "gating" of a 5700 year old sacred site in Occupied Huchuin- (Berkeley)
The day we were in court while the developers were appealing their loss against the city of Berkeley, the “land owners” fenced off and surrounded the sacred site with thousands of feet of barbed wire and more than fifty NoTrespassing Signs, imprisoning it so no one can access it.
This is a violation of the American Indian Religious Freedom Acts.
This is a violation of the United Nations Rights of Indigenous People.
This is continued settler colonial violence and criminalization of Indigenous lifeways.
As we await decision from the court of appeals, we are calling for prayers of protection for the West Berkeley Shellmound in solidarity with the Lisjan Ohlone and all Indigenous people struggling to protect their sacred places over the world.
We invite you to go to the Shellmound, now covered in concrete and surrounded in fences at 1900 4th st in West Berkeley and honor this land, remember its Indigenous caretakers are still here and fighting to protect it.
Make an offering, leave an intention, a thought a message, or a prayer and tie it to the fence with a ribbon or string.
Organize your community or crew or church or school group and tell them about this place and its history. Come with your family or your own pod safely or on your own time to leave your offerings and prayers.
Share your stories and thoughts and pictures if you feel so inlclined.
We appreciate you, thank you for your support and always protect the sacred.
For more information about how to support visit shellmound.org


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