Generation X Black..

admin_general - Posted on 01 April 2021

By GoddessMother OfOrisha SupaQueen

We are a whole different kinda thing. Especially if some of us grew up in group homes and watched the crack era destroy shyt and we couldn't do shyt about it. Been molested and told we were liars. Witnessed our beloved hip hop turn to Shyt and that thang madona claim she invented vouging. Plus a host of other madness public and private. We can't and will not be bullied. We ain't playing mammy, faithful wound licking dog, fixing miss ann dress, uncle nA&&3r, save Mr charlie burning house, smiling tap dancer, happy negros on tara and any other crazy in yo place box. We ain’t the magical negros that gonna sabe de hole wurl. Fix ya own mess that you created and leave us alone. After all you did all of this. We are not your personal Global Janitorial Staff or guilt dumpsters. We don’t want to ease your guilt or take the fall. Stop pinning your crimes on us. We have not screwed up the planet. We have not with impunity killed in the name of power and named it history and victorious conquest. 


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