I Knew Her...She Knew Her Better

admin_general - Posted on 17 April 2021

By AudreyCandyCorn aka SistahSaveASoul 


I know her I know her very well I was there when she was born i was there for her first Christmas dinner I was there for her first birthday I was there for her first Halloween costume I was there for her first prom date I was there in the Bleachers ROOTING U ON AT THE track meet race I was there for her when she took up karate lessons I was there for her first braids extensions I was there for her first head of weave I was there for her first date I was one of the first people she can fight it in when she got pregnant I was there when she had the child little Aaron I was there when she had her second child Aarayah I was there when she got her first apartment and now She is a full-fledged adult only a few Years Apart I Shielded You I Was Loyal to YOU Would Lay Down my Life For You

We Grew Up  together I Looked Out For You... It Was My Honor above Duty... I am A thoroughbred... I was BORN into this Position

All i know is to Execute my position defend the bloodline by any means necessary...  

In Due Time The Family Will GROW extended Family Will Attach Themselves... watch out blood is thicker than water and now that we are grown I realize some of that extended family Has low vibrations Lurking to devour

Never in a Million Years Would i of Thought SHE would Betray Me And Choose A Blind EYE my cousin's baby daddy nephew set my son up to be Robbed. My Son Was Killed and My 1st Cousin's 2 Sister's Flesh of my Flesh Have turned they backs forsaking the bloodline for a fake invitation extension connected through semen and legs... Let them Rot in Hell  I Denounce you From the BloodLine, 

All the time I thought i Knew Her / But She knew her Better... Family Betrayal in it's Finest Mission  ABORT Duties Not applicable MayDay Mayday Green Eyed Birdy Going Down Roger That Copy Over And OUT... 

I Repeat i thought I knew her But Who Knew Her Better... She knew her Better... Check✔Mate Round 2





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