You Made It

admin_general - Posted on 27 April 2021

By AudreyCandyCorn aka SistahSaveASoul 


The day was calm, the boys and I where still on cloud 9  


Amir's birthday quarantine was a success. Our family and extended family were able to join through telephone calls and via a new system we navigate called Zoom...


His birthday was June 6th, 2020, caught right in the middle of George Floyd's riot


The downtown streets and buildings had spray paint all covering them 


I was a little worried about our location, celebrating Amir's life while grieving the Loss of another black man's life...



Senselessly being killed by the police is NOT THE Reminder we want Etched in Our Memories for Amir's 17th Birthday.


Surely He Deserves An Escape,  A Break, A Time Out For A BREATHER.


After All 17 is A HUGE BIG DEAL.

In Our Culture Black Males Don't Make it.


We made the best of it and we had a really good time, the BIG 17. 

WE bought all types of treats and food to sustain Amir and his quarantine guests.


They stayed at the Marriott downtown Oakland, which I found to be funny because a month before we had protested the San Francisco prestigious Marriott


We managed to Make it into the newspaper, our actual faces...Lol


I had booked my son's quarantine Man Cave, before we protested


On a Side Bar the levels, 

Various levels,

We're often faced with



Often it's bittersweet. It is Important That We do our part by  bringing attention to current issues that affect are black and brown people, yet somehow, we are able to free ourselves from the oppression...


It's not always easy but we have to find a medium and so we have had the opportunity to have the best of both worlds... 


I Am Grateful For the Life of my Son Amir Xavior Askcary Cornish, 

I am Grateful  for All the Lessons Stored in Him As Gifts To me,

I Am Grateful To know God Has Gifted Me to Him in Return. 

I Love  You Son Happy Birthday  

You Made it... 


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